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  • Artsyshawdow11
    • She is a vampire like her sister Elizabeth
    • She is in love with Michael Voohers
    • Her little sister is Elizabeth Morgan
    • She was turned into a vampire at the age 18
    • She is the doppleganer of Ruby Hargensen
    • She hates werewolfs
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  • Artsyshawdow11

    Elizabeth Morgan

    September 17, 2015 by Artsyshawdow11

    Elizabeth Morgan is a main character on The Vampire Diaries : Out of The Woods

    she is going to be played by shailene woodley in the seires she`ll be going to a school

    in a small town called mystic falls where she meets another new student  named bella johnson

    she also meets some of the old students from the school their names are  Elena Gilbert , Stefan Salvatore,

    Damon Salvatore, Bonnie Bennet, Jermey Gilbert , Matt Donovan  and Caroline Forbes

    she is part of the Morgan family.

    Elizabeth is a vampire and she was turned just like her sister did to and

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  • Artsyshawdow11
    • She is played by shailene woodley
    • She is indeed a vampire
    • She met damon in the 1940s
    • She was tranformed into a vampire at the age 16
    • She has a crush on stefan
    • She has an older sister nemed Victoria
    • She calls herself the adviser
    • She does`nt trust people that much
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