Part 14-The Interogatio

Immediately after the events with Rebekah and Travis, Travis sneaks into the village hoping to bring back Ayanna and Esther for the talisman. Travis then finds Esther in her sleep, Ayanna is nowhere to be found. Travis captures Ayanna but she is one step ahead and uses her magic to blast him away.

Ayanna-Who are you?

Travis-Oh my dear, matters not, just come with me and I will take care of you. want something from me...dont you?

Travis-Tell me and I will leave. Where is the location of the talisman of المسيح ?

Ayanna-Ive never heard of that!

Travis-Dont play games with me...tell me!

Ayanna-Stay warning you...stay back!

Travis-Go to hell!!!

Travis approches her with a knife, she then uses the forces of nature to burn him alive.


Ayanna then runs away only for a large shadowy figure to take her. Travis tries to go for the door but the figure slams the door and locks it, Travis goes for the windows, he is unable to break the windows...suddenly though the windows break and help comes for someone. He is dragged back somewhere.

Do the rest later

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