You may be wondering why this appears so many times. This article is about Tyler Gracyne’s fanon series which is a spin-off of the events of Graduation and is deleted and republished for updating in sections, especially the episodes. You may also be curious about the The Originals spin-off coming in May, see House of M.
Something Witchy Comes This Way (abbr. SWCTW: Secret of the Petrova doppelgänger) is the renascenced fanon series of The Vampire Diaries developed and written by Tyler Gracyne from the events of Season Four of TVD. It was started as a spin-off picked up from Season Five’s Graduation and follows a storyline from there. The series’ pilot episode introduced an entirely new storyline which would add Lucy to the main characters. Main protagonist Elena Gilbert (an 18-year-old vampire and college freshman) has to deal with the death of her best friend Bonnie (a witch who’s death was owed to the resurrection of Elena’s brother Jeremy), the love she believes has faded from her ended relationship with 17/145-year-old vampire Stefan Salvatore, the relationship she currently has with Stefan’s elder brother Damon, and the coming of Immortal Silas who will stop at nothing to get his revenge on the Mystic Falls Gang for the part they played in foiling his plans to reunite with his true love beyond the supernatural afterlife, along with the new humanity of her doppelgänger and arch rival Katherine Pierce.


The series was started after Tyler Gracyne watched the last episode of Season Four of The Vampire Diaries and was enticed when learning that Silas was a doppelgänger and therefore with the possibilities of Silas’s true love also being a Petrova doppelgänger and as Silas is the reason for Stefan’s existence, she would therefore be the reason the Petrova doppelgänger bloodline exists and was originally named “Arachnia”, but was eventually changed when Petrova suspicions were confirmed in Original Sin and Silas’s lover was confirmed as Amara, a name, which in full — “Amarantha” — means “immortal”, and loving it’s more suited form as compared to Arachnia, it was changed.

The currently airing first season revolves around origins, witches and the love which still exists between protagonists Stefan and Elena, along with the origins of the Doppelgänger bloodlines with borrowed inspirations from season five and four.

The fanon show ran for only eight episodes before Tyler Gracyne announced its cancelation on his Blog Wall due to a better chance in a fanon series which would merge SWCTW with Patrick’s The High Road.

After an episode of The High Road: Something Witchy Comes This Way which was written solely by Tyler, the writers went their separate ways due to differences in vision mainly by Patrick.

On November 10, 2014 at 16:00 hours (UTC) Tyler announced the continual of the original Something Comes This Way series from the eighth episode, proclaiming the coming of a ninth episode and inspiring the fandom to choose what actors they would like to appear in future chapters.

Tyler Gracyne works solely as a producer and a writer as well as a recurring actor as of the ninth episode.

Originally, Lucy Maxwell was to be portrayed by Natashia Williams but was eventually recast as she failed to meet the standard of a younger witch and was replaced by model and singer Jasmine Villegas, who will take over the role after the ninth episode.

After April 1, 2015’s tenth episode – Ye Olde Uns – an eight-month break was taken to reevaluate the series and has been greatly modified. For an example, in the original model of the pilot episode, Stefan is absent and Katerina Petrova is in college with Elena. But this has been changed in the current version as Katherine is Elena’s doppelgänger and it would be unrealistic for them to suddenly be twin sisters (as it would be the most logical explanation for their similar appearance). In the second episode, originally, Tyler, Caroline, Stefan and Damon were absent, but have since been added. Aside from absences, name changes and recasting, Tyler felt as though the original episode lengths were too short and the result were extended dialogues and more storylines and well as more scenes, giving each episode before episode five at least a four-page stretch while most others were at least seven, while Strange Magic was by far the longest episode, unearthing almost all of Silas, Amara and Qetsiyah’s story. From episode eight onward (Strange Magic, having an exceptional 149-page long sequence) the episodes were originally long and have consistently retained their length.

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Rebekah Mikaelson is only to be cited as a main character in episode three, before that she is a special guest character and therefore only cited as having appeared once as a SGC.

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The Vampire Diaries
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date *20:57, July 10, 2013 (UTC; Pilot) / 11:18, July 11, 2013 (UTC; Disappear)
  • December 30, 2015 (Current airdate)
Written by Tyler Gracyne
Directed by Tyler Gracyne
Episode Guide Transcript
Something Like A Dark Crow
Pilot is the first and pilot episode of season one of Something Witchy Comes This Way and the first episode overall.


DEAR DIARYLucy Maxwell misses the cousin she never knew, more than that – her power! Template:Elena on the other hand, misses Template:Stefan and hasn’t seen him in six months and is shocked when he returns. Finally, Template:Bonnie is horrified by Lucy’s choice at a new lifestyle.

EXTENDED SUMMERY: A dream coupled with a visit from Bonnie leaves Jeremy with a frightening message. Elsewhere, Elena cannot escape the feeling of wrongness she feels around “Stefan”.***



Lucy Maxwell, the cousin of Bonnie Bennett and a powerful witch, is seen writing in her journal, revealing that when she sensed Bonnie’s magic, she also felt its dawning potential and has spent the last two years on a mission to grow her own power as she has been jealous of Bonnie’s incredible potential and she sees one way: Expression.

Back in Mystic Falls, six months have passed since Bonnie secretly died, Jeremy was resurrected, Elena chose Damon, Stefan left town and Silas was freed from his petrification.

Elena is in college writing about how much she misses Stefan who has not returned since six months ago and the fact that Bonnie is off doing research on her family history back in Nova Scotia only for her and Caroline to be reunited with Stefan when he knocks on her dorm door.

Eventually, Lucy has gathered 12 ex-con humans and criminals and, even after Bonnie’s ghost visits her to warn her about what she’s doing, Lucy kills the humans and activates the first form of Expression, which instantly corrupts her.

Elsewhere, Stefan fantasizes about a peaceful life with Elena while he suffers at the bottom of a quarry.




Dear Diary, Lucy wrote, I've been in hiding for a while, now. I've held contact from Bonnie and the rest of my family for a while, now.

You see, I used to have a friend, a vampire, her name was Katherine, she was a part of some Doppelganger line and she had a thing against Elena, her double. I helped her with spells and she kept me protected since she was so old and so powerful . . . .

But IM powerful, too. It’s because of who I am, I'm a BENNETT WITCH, my family line is one of the first most powerful witches, some stronger than others.

When I met my cousin Bonnie, I felt her powers, they were way stronger than mine, and should she access her full potential as a Bennett Witch…

Her Powers were amazing, I was almost jealous . . . but I'm meant be where I am, I'm powerful, too.

Bonnie was on a scale of her own. A few days ago, I sensed her aura grow and stretch, Sheila tells me that Bonnie summoned the Darkness and then the spirits punished her for Bonnie's actions. The spirits are so cruel, I don't want to be in league with them anymore . . .

I’ve been in hiding from enemies I’ve inherited from my own mother, that’s why I needed Katherine, because most of these enemies are young vampires, at least three decades and at most seven, Katherine could easily protect me from them, but after I betrayed her . . .

A friend of mine found a way of magic that channels my own magic, but to do it, twelve people have to die . . . my coven won’t like it, but it doesn’t matter, doing the ritual will break me off from the spirits, so I really don’t care.

I don't feel bad about doing it though, the people I'm going to kill are already wanted for death. Rapists, criminals, thieves, etc. They'll pay for what they've done, and I'll get what I want: EXPRESSION.






Elena was happy, college was amazing, Damon was her boyfriend, Klaus was gone, Silas was stone, Jeremy was alive, Katherine was human!!!

Dear Diary, you’re a new diary, so you don't know everything my old one does . . . and if you actually have a conscious like I hope you do, you won’t think I’m crazy for confide in you like an actual person.

I'm a vampire – yes, an ACTUAL vampire. I only turned almost a year ago, and I’ve been at college – Whitmore College – for two months, now. Everything's great, my friends – Caroline, Tyler, and Matt – go to the same college (Matt hasn’t started yet, he’s off somewhere in Europe with one of the first five vampires, Rebekah Mikaelson) and Jeremy’s still in high school, so Damon – my boyfriend, who is a hundred and fifty-some years old – voluntarily volunteered to be his guardian, he said he’s giving me space to experience college without him and the supernatural life I’ve been living for a while and I’m grateful for that. We spent the five months out of six together learning EVERYTHING there is to know about each other and when it was time – a month and a half ago – he let me go and melted my heart in the process (I LOVE YOU DAMON).

Damon’s my soulmate, my true love – MY EVERYTHING and he and I are FINALLY together and will be . . . forever.

Why then do I feel a sense of wrongness, like I'm fooling myself? I don't feel quite like I'm myself when I'm with Damon, even though I DO know you shouldn't feel like you always do when you're with your true love.

I'm afraid to even consider writing about him . . . but I think it may be because I miss Stefan, he left to throw Silas away and hasn't come back. I know he moved on with his life and accepted me being with Damon, but I feel like his decision wasn't . . . the right one.

I love Damon, always have, always will, but I can't help but feel the need to have Stefan here with us because I love him, too, always have, always will.

I tried to call Stefan on his phone more than once with no luck, but I suppose he may have thrown his phone away when starting his new life six months ago.

But it's possible that he just isn't answering' my calls because . . . well, because I chose Damon over him.

But I miss him . . . and the dreams, the dreams aren’t helping –

Okay, back to the GOOD things in my life: Jeremy (my brother who was killed and resurrected months ago) says that Bonnie revived him using her new nearly unlimited Expression powers and she left to find a way to try to find out more about her history of the Bennett Line and all her other Ancestors – Qetsiyah mainly, the most powerful witch known to their Bennett Line who helped create all of Silas's horrible powers.

Silas, our latest, most powerful enemy, was with us for such a short amount of time, it's almost hard to believe that he even ever existed -

My dorm's door's being pounded on, who could that be?

Elena speeded over with her vampire speed and opened the door.


He was here. He looked good, so elegant, so handsome. He looked at her with a look of affection before he hugged her.

Elena was thrilled – it was Stefan – after so long.

"It’s so good to see you, Stefan," Elena said hugging him back. "I've missed you so much."

Stefan pulled back, "If you were looking for me, you could've found me in Vegas. Not to mention you're a vampire now, Elena, you could've compelled someone to find me." Then he smiled studying her face. "You're so beautiful, when you've been away from someone for even six months, and you come back, you seem to not get used to how they looked." He stroked her still-red highlights, but she pulled away from his touch and cleared her throat.

"Are you here to stay?" Elena asked hopefully.

Stefan raised an eyebrow. "If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re still in love with me.” He smiled, “You’re with Damon, right?”

"I am," Elena said softly. "You KNOW I'm with Damon, I mean, but I've missed you so much it’s gotten so hard to get used to you not being around."

Stefan nodded in understanding. "I see. I’ve missed you, too. I still love you, as you know, and I will always love you. If you had a reason to simply want to jump back into bed with me, I'd be happy to oblige."

Elena (flushed) cleared her throat nervously.

Stefan laughed. "You should see how red you look, I was joking, Elena. I just enrolled and will be here for as long as you'll be in Whitmore, though. How've you been?"

"Oh, you won't believe this, Katherine's human," Elena said and Stefan's face hardened for a second. "I gave her the Cure an —"

"You GAVE her the Cure? Elena why would you do that?" Stefan said, suddenly angry. "You were supposed to -"

"Hey," Elena said defensively. "She attacked me, she would've killed me if I hadn't shoved it down her throat."

Stefan seemed to calm down.

Elena wondered what that was about, Stefan had been the one to tell her to use the Cure the way she saw fit, so why did he seem so interested in her wasting it on Katerina Petrova?

Stefan said, "So where IS Katherine these days?"

He looked calmer, but Elena wasn’t sure she liked that sudden burst of anger.

"She's . . . places," Elena decided. "I don't like Katherine, Stefan, in fact I hate her. Damon and I dumped her in New York with three thousand dollars – which is WAY more than she deserved. She’s probably started a new life and making someone else’s life a miserable hell."

"Wouldn't the shallow and evil Katherine Pierce go after the first vampire she can find, seduce them and turn herself into a vampire again?" Stefan asked.

"Well," Elena shrugged. "Maybe she already has, I haven’t an IDEA. But my guess is if Katherine were truly Katherine you know she would rather die than be a vampire who's less powerful than I am." Elena hesitated. "Another reason we’ve dumped her is that now that she's human, she has the Petrova Blood, which means she's an active Doppelgänger again, meaning Klaus can come back and take her to New Orleans to be a blood bank for recreating his Hybrid family – we don’t need that drama in our lives again."

Stefan nodded. He looked different, somehow. His handsome, soft features that she'd known for so long looked . . . harder and somewhat . . . meaner. Elena didn't pay it much attention, though, Stefan was here and she was happy he was here to stay.

Stefan hugged her again as if he had read her happy thoughts.

"I hope you can squeeze me in on that hug!" said a new voice. Caroline stood in the doorway and rushed to join in the hug. "Oh, Stefan, we've missed you!"

Stefan groaned. "You forget that you have vampire strength, Care."

Caroline pulled back from her hug and the three of them laughed.

“Welcome back, brother,” Damon’s voice said in the entrance.

Uh-oh, Elena thought.


Dear Diary, Elena wrote as she tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear.

Stefan's been acting weird. It's been a week since his return and he's changed, he doesn't seem to be the same person he was when I first met him.

He acts more cold and aggressively around Damon, he talks to me less caringly, he doesn't hang out with Caroline anymore and he drinks human blood WAY more than he should.

Those aren't the only problems: I've been having weird . . . DREAMS of Stefan. In my dreams we’re married and HUMAN. I’m a doctor (a world-renowned neuro-surgeon), he owns the hospital I work in. We’re happy, REALLY happy . . . but they always end up in tragedy, he ends up coughing up blood when we’re having fun, or suddenly coughing up water and he DIES right before I wake up.

I haven’t confronted him about these dreams, but when I look into his eyes every day . . . There’s this . . . opposite of when I first looked at him – this time, it was darkness, but MORE than that, it was . . . it was –

"Elena!" Caroline’s voice pulled her out of her journal. She’d just came from the showers and was gathering her books. "We’re going to be late for class."

Elena sighed. "We don’t even go to the same CLASS, Care."

“I know,” Caroline admitted. “But if you, me, Tyler and APPARENTLY Stefan are going to run this campus then we’re going to have to be perfect at EVERYTHING like back in Mystic Falls. So get your stuff together and LETS GO!”

“Fine,” Elena sighed. “Give me two seconds.”


Jeremy was walking to the kitchen when he got the text.

Hey, Bonnie! Rly wshng u were here 2 save me frm Care, cm home soon! — Elena.

Jeremy sighed and looked up only to see Bonnie Bennett standing in front of him.

She looked just like she did the day she’d died, in skinny jeans, a sweater and heels, with her long straight hair and almond eyes – the way she would look forever.

"Bonnie!" Jeremy exclaimed and stretched out his hands, but then he remembered and pulled them back. Bonnie couldn't be touched, she was dead, now.

"Jer," Bonnie said. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you more," Jeremy frowned. The last time they’d seen each other was three months ago. She’d left him to put the pieces of her disappearance together with her phone and then left without a word for months. "Every time I’ve tried to contact your ghost it hasn’t worked. Why?"

Jeremy had been instructed to not let anyone know she was dead, so she’d given him her phone to let everyone believe she was in Nova Scotia growing in her power and thus couldn’t call much as her training took much of her time and "when she texted back" it was only a couple of words of encouragement and love and "sry, gtg!"

"It's part of my punishment," Bonnie answered, getting a faraway look. "The Spirits know how many rules I broke. I get to see you, long for you and never actually touch and be with you, but I wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t break a few of their rules, would I? Especially if it were to see the love of my life."

Jeremy immediately put his arms around her, touching her skin but not FEELING its warmth – but he didn’t care, he kissed her like it was the last time he would ever get a chance.

She broke the kiss almost instantly, her eyes watering.

"I’m sorry, Jer,” Bonnie said, "I can’t-we don’t have much time, please. I came here to WARN you."

"Bonnie," Jeremy said, "I don’t care if I can’t feel you, just seeing you, being in this room with your spirit, it’s enough."

Bonnie smiled painfully. "I take it that means you still haven’t moved on from me."

"And I’m never GOING to," Jeremy informed her firmly.

"Jer –" Bonnie tried to say but realized it wouldn’t help so she sighed. "I’m here because of Si –"

Whispers came in the wind like the spirits were approaching.

"Silas," Bonnie continued after seemingly listening. "That's why they let me come, I don't have much time, but you have to save Elena, he's going for her, she's his replacement for the love he once had. She's in danger."

"What does that mean?" Jeremy asked her.

"Silas has more powers we haven't seen yet, but help is coming," Bonnie said. "Keep Silas away from Elena, he will wear a face of someone who's close to her."

"But how can Silas be alive, Bonnie, we – you killed him." Jeremy said.

"To every spell, Nature demands a balance," Bonnie said, "My spell broke when I died and the spirits unbound my magic. I wasn’t a witch anymore, Jer. I’d become . . ."

The voices of the spirits hissed in the wind like they had gotten dangerously close.

"Something else," Bonnie said. "When Expression swallowed me whole. It sealed my fate."

"So now we have Silas to deal with again? Bonnie without you we don't have the power needed to fight him." Jeremy said helplessly.

"You’re a Hunter, Jer. You were CREATED, to destroy Silas," Bonnie kissed him. "And you’re not alone, help is coming, just . . . be careful. I love you. Now, wake up."

"What do you mean?" Jeremy asked, then he noticed what was happening, the walls in his dorm were falling, color fading, Bonnie screamed as her face melted and morphed into Stefan. "Silas," growled Jeremy as he pinned the immortal to a wall. "Why do you keep hiding in other people's forms, show me your real face!"

Silas as Stefan looked at him and laughed. "You'll see my true face soon enough."

Jeremy woke up in his bed.

And there was no Silas.

No Spirits.

And most heartbreakingly of all –

No Bonnie.

She'd felt so real, so tangible, she'd kissed him, his lips still felt swollen from her deep kiss. Jeremy wanted her here, he loved her so much, and he wanted to hold and protect her. She'd summoned all known magic to bring him back, there was no doubt in his heart that she loved him too.

Now and again he'd think about killing himself so they can be together on the Other Side, but he would then knock himself back to reality, Bonnie had died so he could be alive, wasting this gift was just that, a waste of Bonnie's great gift.

As painful as it was to admit, life was amazing, even without Bonnie in it. Elena was finally happy – with that scumbag Damon – but happy nonetheless, committing suicide would just break all that.

And there was Silas to worry about, too. If Jeremy died, he wouldn’t be able to help beat him, and he might be the only one capable of doing it.


Elena had been in college for a month and a half, now and every night she’d had a nightmare of her and Stefan in a fairytale life that ends in a tragic death – and it was always Stefan who ended up dead.

As the teacher – Dr. Wes Maxfield – continued on about how the molecules’ heat passed from one molecule to the next to spread warmth, Elena found herself drawing Xs and Os on her notebook rather than listening to the over-relevant things the Doctor was teaching.

Elena glanced at Stefan, who sat opposite from her across the class. He looked up at her and smiled.

She looked back down at her book, trying to distract herself only to be shocked by what she saw.

Instead of the Xs and Os she thought she’d been drawing, Elena saw a perfect sketch of Stefan’s face desiccated underwater.

Then she realized, it was STEFAN, it was SILAS, in the quarry Stefan put him in. Stefan was God-knows-where, he couldn’t be in there, but . . . Silas never showed anyone his true face, for some reason he’d always hide behind the faces of other people – so why would she choose Stefan’s face? And since when could Elena draw like this in such graphic detail?

Elena frowned at where Stefan was only to realize he was gone.


Silas sat comfortably on his bed sipping blood-laced red wine as he studied the blue crystal of a necklace of a leather rope that he held in his other hand.

The first part of his plan had worked and he was succeeding – nobody suspected he was the two-thousand-year-old ORIGINAL face of Stefan. Soon enough, Silas would have what he needed from this petty dimension.

The best part was that even if, by some impossible way, they discovered he was Silas, he could be in their heads 24/7, he could just make them forget or come up with something else if he so chose, it was GREAT.

The only problem was Elena, he could show her things that weren’t there, manipulate her emotions and even literally control her actions, but he couldn’t read what she was thinking, which would be problematic if Silas’s plan wasn’t completely fool-proof.

A knock came from the entrance of the dorm and Silas went to get it.

Standing there, was Stefan’s brother Damon, tall, dark wavy hair and crystal blue eyes.

Silas’s descendants were nothing if not gorgeous, a trait they got from him.

Silas, acting the role of Stefan, smiled. "What can I do for you, brother?"

Damon shrugged. "I was in the neighborhood, figured I’d stop by and say HELLO." He attempted to enter, but was blocked by a wall of invisible force-field which stopped him from entering. Damon frowned. "Using someone else’s dorm, brother?"

"Oh, sorry," Silas/Stefan said. "Where are my manners? Come on in."

Damon frowned again as “Stefan” made way for him to come in, this time, Damon freely entered.

"Either you learned a very valuable trick while you were away," Damon guessed. "Or this is a witch’s magic."

"I’ll teach you later," Silas decided, pouring Damon a drink.

"Thanks," Damon accepted the wine-blood. "Mmm, what is this?"

"Red bubbly, mixed with the former owner of this dorm’s blood," Silas grinned at Damon.

"I think I like the new you, Stefan," Damon smiled and gestured around the room. "I wouldn’t see this as your kind of scene, brother."

"It wasn’t – isn’t," Silas said, "but, if I want to stay in Elena’s life, I have to be close."

Damon doesn’t seem impressed by this, but simply sips his wine.

"What’s this?" he tapped Silas’s necklace.

"Oh, something I picked up on my travels," Silas lied. "It’s very old and has protective properties."

Silas stretched his mind into the vampire’s and begun to absorb his thoughts: Six months, no word after me and Elena officialized our relationship, please Stefan, I know you more than you know yourself. We BOTH know why you’re REALLY back.

"Don’t worry, brother," Silas said out loud. "I’m not here to steal your girl, I’m here for my own."

"Meaning?" Damon demanded.

Before the Immortal could answer, a knock came from the door.

"Excuse me, brother," Silas opened the door and standing there was a scrawny boy who carried some books and a bag. He was Asian, with black hair and brown eyes, completely unspectacular and not very tall – 5’8 or 7 at the very most. "Ah! Jimmy! Please, come on in!"

Jimmy entered.

"What’s goin' on?" Damon asked Silas, eyeing Jimmy.

"Sorry, brother," Silas said to Damon. "I’m tutoring on campus."

"What?" Damon asked.

"’Yup," Silas said. "I mean, I DO already know everything about everything, I might as well help others, too." He made a gesture to the door in a manner that made it clear that he was kicking Damon out. "Later?"

"...Sure," Damon said as he walked to the exit of the room. "Later, Stefan."

Once he was gone, Silas smiled at the child.

"Tutoring?" asked Jimmy.

"We needed an excuse," Silas said. "Besides, I am sort of teaching you."

"Lord Si –"

"PLEASE," Silas said, "Call me Stefan, that way we can avoid a slip-up."

"Okay . . . Stefan," Jimmy said. "So I convinced Vanessa and Alice to join the Cult."

"Well, well, well," Silas grinned. "So you’re good for something, after all."

Jimmy looked offended. "Hey, it’s been three months, you’re lucky you have me."

"You have ANY idea how many witches and warlocks would DIE just to meet me?" Silas asked the teenager.

"Yes, I do," Jimmy admitted. "Now, let’s do this."

"Did you get it?" asked Silas.

"Yes," Jimmy nodded. "Jenna Sommers’s remains are a go."

"And the Professor?" Silas asked.

"She’s been prepared, the test can commence," Jimmy said. "We’re just waiting on you."

Silas smiled. "Need I ask about our little Bennett girl?"

"Lucy’s doing everything according to plan," Jimmy confirmed as he shared Silas’s smile.


Elena and Caroline met at the cafeteria with Damon and Tyler for lunch.

Everyone was in indistinctive chats and Elena was simply gazing at her untouched salad, fiddling her fork through the leaves and too distracted to put it in her mouth.

She was still wandering about the drawing. Elena hadn’t thought about Silas in a while, but now she was unconsciously drawing him? What did it MEAN?

Elena opened the page where she’d drawn him and just STARED at it.

"Elena?" Caroline’s voice said.

Elena looked up at her. "Hmm?"

"Taking classes from Leonardo DiCaprio?" Tyler said.

"It’s Da Vinci," Caroline corrected.

"I didn’t do it on purpose," Elena admitted to Damon’s wondering look. "I . . . don’t know what it is."

"Well," Tyler said. "It looks A LOT like Stefan."

Caroline glared at him. "No, it is NOT Stefan, it’s obviously Silas. Duh."

"Thank you, Care," Elena said. "I was in class and one moment I’m drawing pointless stars and the next I’ve created a portrait of Silas as Stefan in an underwater safe."

Damon studied the portrait with intrigued eyes. "Have any of you noticed that Stefan’s been acting un-Stefan-y?"

Caroline and Tyler spoke at once. "No/Yeah."

Caroline frowned at Tyler. "You think he’s been acting weird? – Why didn’t you tell me?"

"I didn’t think it was important," Tyler defended.

"What’ve you noticed?" asked Elena to Damon.

"He’s found a way to spell his cabin from vampires," Damon said. "And he’s drinking human blood in alcohol. Plus, he killed the owner of the dorm he’s in AND he’s . . . tutoring some retard – NOT to mention he’s on the local football team with Tyler."

"WHAT?" Caroline asked. "Stefan KILLED someone?"

"Hey," Tyler said. "What’s wrong with football?"

"According to him," Damon confirmed to Caroline, ignoring Tyler. "Yes, and . . . somethin' else he said . . . 'said he was here for his girl."

There was a momentary silence.

Elena seemingly gets uncomfortable before Tyler cleared his throat and Caroline nudged him.

"Hey, if you won’t say it, I will," Tyler said. "He meant Elena."

"No," Damon said. "That’s the weird part. He said – and I QUOTE – Don’t worry, brother, I’m not here to steal your girl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m here for my own."

Elena scowled and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and studied the drawing again. "But what does that MEAN?"

"Maybe Stefan found a girl while he was gone and she was so repulsed when she found out he was a vampire that she ran all the way to Whitmore," Damon strategized sarcastically.

Tyler shrugged. "I’d automatically think Elena, but once you’ve put it into perspective . . . maybe he meant it like, she was never yours to begin with?"

"Gee, thanks, Ty," Damon bit.

Tyler raised his hands defensively. "Hey, I’m just saying, you might be exaggerating this whole thing."

Elena thought an exaggeration might be necessary, she had a very bad feeling all of a sudden.


Jeremy’s on the ground surrounded by woods and leaves in the wood around the Salvatore Property. He’s seemingly unconscious and when he opens his eyes he groans.

Jeremy has a cut on his neck that seems fresh.

He sat up and looked around. "How the hell did I get here?"

"Silas’s witch attacked ya," an aged voice said behind him.

Jeremy looked and saw Sheila Bennett – better known as "Grams" – standing there.

"Ms. Bennett?" Jeremy croaked, it seemed like the only title he could find for a woman her age – not HIS grams, and simply SHEILA would sound bad. "What witch?"

"Get up, naw," Grams told him. "Yer friends are in danger. Silas is plannin' somethin' big - big enough that’ll affect existence."

"Where is he?" Jeremy demanded. "Why did he take my blood?"

"He wants to use it to connect to a soul beyond any of us," Grams said.

"What does that mean?" Jeremy asked.

Whispers hissed in the wind and Sheila took in a deep breath.

"Ms. Bennett, what does that mean?" Jeremy pressed for.

"It’s already started," Sheila vanished with her last words. "Hurry ta the Cemetery, stop Silas, yer the onlay thin' that can stop him."


Vanessa Monroe is seen asleep in the backseat of a car and Jimmy is driving it. He drives past the entrance of the city and soon arrives at the Mystic Falls Cemetery across Wickery Bridge.

He stops there and jumps out of the car, shutting the doors behind him.

Jimmy grinned and jumped out of the car, pulling Vanessa’s body out of the backseat and dragging it into the cemetery.


Katherine is seen walking in the woods all alone. She doesn’t look well – her hair’s messy, her nails chipped and her boots stained with mud while her eyes are stained with old eyeliner.

I haven't run like this in a long time, Katherine thought as she finally rested on the ground, letting herself breathe.

She’d been running for months, moving from city to town to city, motel to hotel to lodge, friend to foe – foe above anything else.

She could feel the sun on her face, despite herself it felt so good, the last time she’d felt a shard of happiness – REAL happiness – was when human she was with Elijah Mikaelson.

She’d loved him, he loved her, but then he abandoned her here with no powers and no protection.

Katherine had considered asking Elijah for help against the people who were chasing her, but she always talked herself out of it. If she ever decided to, she knew he’d turn on her again like he always did and tell Klaus she was human, condemning her to a human life of everlasting hell where she’d be a hybrid incubation chamber.

The Secret of the Petrova Doppelgängers was too valuable to be made known, especially by a Mikaelson.

Elena never knew the true secrets of the doppelgänger line, she didn’t know what she was capable of when she was still human and neither did Katherine until a few days ago, she’d found a witch who could tell she was a doppelgänger and told her that there was much more to her existence than the ability to bind powerful hybrid vamp-wolves. The witch had told her that the Secret could protect her from anything that might rise up against her and Katherine was back in this wretched town to see if it were true.

The Secret was more than protection, though. It was to do with the story of Silas, but Katherine couldn’t let any of them find it out or they’d kill her . . . her blood was too significant, now. Even though Silas wasn’t a threat to her, anymore, she felt exposed, like she was being followed. Even with Silas gone, she wouldn’t be safe if some vampires found out what she was now. The same thing almost happened 500 years ago, Klaus wanted her for her blood. No one understood the burden of the Petrova Line.

The only one who might understand - Katherine hate to say it - is Elena, she died because she was Petrova la Belle once herself and so did I once.

The witch she’d met told her that its Nature's will that at least one Petrova be alive in this century, Elena had just been a host for that purpose.

The Secret had many faces, one of them boasted Katherine's ability to absorb and destroy vampirism like a wormhole.

The witch told her that as the Petrova Doppelgänger, when she drank the Cure, her genetic code attached itself to the Cure traits and mended into her DNA and blood. Every day, now, her heart pumped Cure traits into the very tips of her body – her blood was the Cure, now. The witch told Katherine that a friend of hers would meet her here today and that she could help protect Katherine from the people who she was running around America from.

Stupid Bonnie had died before she could give her her immunity from death, she’d broke her word, now she was dead and left Katherine with a Legion of Vampires to deal with.

Katherine had also returned to reclaim her immortality. She was going to be immortal again, she didn’t care if she had to scratch or claw or grovel – Damon would turn her again.

Katherine heard someone coming and hid behind a tree. Then, suddenly, she felt herself walking out into the open towards the figure who was coming, the figure was a witch, and she was controlling Katherine to make herself seen.

When the woman left Katherine to her own free will, she said, "Who the hell do you think . . . Lucy?"

The Bennett Witch smiled. "In the flesh, Katerina, miss me?"


"It just doesn’t make any sense," Elena said as she and Damon walked to her dorm.

"Don’t wreck your pretty little head about it," Damon reassured her as he kissed her forehead. "We’ll figure out what’s happening with Stefan."

Elena hadn’t said anything about her dreams with Stefan, she see the need to add any more salt to an already nerveless wound.

She stuck her key into the hole, but before she could turn it, Elena’s phone vibrated and pulled it out. The caller read: JEREMY.

"It’s Jer," Elena announced, but before she could answer, a jolt went up her spine and she felt as though her body were being electrocuted and then she numbed and collapsed only for Damon to catch her.

"Elena!" Damon put her down gently. "Elena!"

While Damon checks what’s wrong with her, Jeremy’s call idly sits next to Elena’s body.


Jeremy drives on the road that leads to Wickery Bridge at dangerous speeds.

He dials ELENA, "Pick up, pick up, pick up!"

The phone line went to voicemail: "Hi, this is Elena! Leave me –"

Jeremy hung up. "Come on! Pick up, damn it!"


Jimmy is chanting over Vanessa’s body, holding a talisman with the symbol of a firebird in its center. As he chants, the medallion glows.

As he chants, he ribs her forehead with blood from a large crystal urn and we see that Vanessa’s head is against a tombstone that reads:

Beloved Sister

Devoted Guardian

Jenna Sommers

1980 – 2010


Lucy Maxwell looked at the group of deadly humans in the center of the pentagram.

There was a full moon up in the horizon and the humans were restless.

"Let me go!" said a rowdy dark skinned rapist. "How did you seal us in here? How is any of this possible?"

"Yeah," said a very thin and pale jewelry thief. "You a circus freak?"

Lucy looked at the band of arguing evils and then she snapped her fingers and they all kept quiet. "You all are here to be punished for your sins. Sins you've committed against humanity."

"What sin'd I commit?" said the rowdy rapist.

Lucy remembered the girl he'd assaulted with success. A friend, her name was Ally, she'd be traumatized for the rest of her life because of this ugly and pathetic thing.

It had taken six months to wait for the right time for the ceremony, and now, it was time to bring justice.

"It's time for your demise!" Lucy closed her eyes, she channeled the power of the moon into herself.

"Lucy!" a familiar voice said and Lucy opened her eyes.

Bonnie Bennett stood there looking beautiful. Her black hair touched her chest, her caramel skin glowed in the moonlight. She was a true Bennett. "Hello, Lucy."

"Bonnie? What're you doing here? The Spirits told me you'd died." Lucy stepped closer, but Bonnie stepped back.

"Lucy, I am dead," said Bonnie, "I've made myself seen to you using my power and the full moon. Lucy, don't do this, you'll regret it, it's a lot of power, I know, but it can consume you if you're not strong enough to swallow it whole and control its power. Expression nearly consumed me, I was lucky. But you might not be."

Lucy knew she was right, but she wanted this power, she had to be strong enough to be seen as at least part of the strongest witches in the World Pantheon.

"You're just jealous," Lucy said. "That's it, you think that I might turn out to be more powerful than you ever were."

"It was never about the power," Bonnie said. "I didn't even know I had the power and how it was given to me. I ended up dead Lucy, because the power got to my mind and I thought I could be Nature. Nature demands a balance to all the magic that we do even if it’s Expression. My punishment is to watch Silas torture my friends."

"Silas?" Lucy said, "He's still alive? Then I have reason to call on Expression, even if it consumes me. You and Sheila can help me bring him down. They punished Grandma when you used dark magic, but now, I'm going to cut of my connection to them and go to Mystic Falls with nothing to get in my way."

"This isn't the way," Bonnie said. "I'm not forcing you, I'm giving you a choice; something I never had: choose Expression or chose your own power. I'll help you in your battle no matter which path you take. Expression is an extension of who we are, but it also extends the darkest parts of us, with a vessel, it can go rogue and you could very well destroy the world, but it's your choice, you can kill these people and extend your power, or you could give them to the authorities to deal with."

Lucy had already made her choice, Expression was the way. "Phesmatis Spiritus tuum da mihi potestatem, occide fures, Macta et illicitum et inflammábit animas eorum potestas minori aestimari vestris. Lorem ipsum dolor sit infernum, est illicitum morietur." Bonnie's spirit faded.

The men in the circle screamed as they felt pain in their minds: their blood vessels were exploding, their veins popping open, they were dying slowly and begging her for forgiveness, but Lucy wasn't about to forgive anyone, not now.

Lucy saw the dark magic entering her veins and felt a pleasurable sensation. Lucy continued on with her spell, "Agia venit ténebris, et adimplebit complendam mea venas alica cum virtute Pentagram ego convocabo magicae spiritus ab inferno!!!! Occidite eos!"

All the criminals lay dead and Lucy stood there with the power entering her slowly, she was channeling the power of their dying souls and making it her own.

Lucy finally had Expression.


Stefan was currently suspended in one of those very rare moments in which he’d died from breathing in water and was locked in a dream sequence as his mind continued to live on.

In the dream:

Stefan is in a kitchen and is making what looks like dinner when a car pulls into the Salvatore Mansion driveway.

Elena walks out of the car and into the house and when he sees her he smiles and she kisses him.

"Good evening, sweetheart," said Elena.

"Mmm," Stefan smiled at her, "You've never called me 'sweetheart' before, Elena."

"Well, say hello to Elena Marie Gilbert-Salvatore," she threw her bag onto the table. "That's smells good, what is it?"

"French cuisine," Stefan said to her. "Tartiflette, you’ll love it."

"It smells great," Elena complimented.

"Just another —"

"PLEASE, tell me it’s cooked, I’m starving," Elena complained.

"’Just five minutes," Stefan promised. "Soufflé for dessert."

"Fine," Elena settled and grabbed a soda.

"How was your day, today?" asked Stefan.

Elena grinned ear to ear. "I was waiting for that. You’re looking at a successful neuro-surgeon who just saved a patient from a brain-tumor. My day was fantastic. I only wish Mom and Dad could’ve been there. Dad would’ve been so proud." Elena got a sad look in her eye.

Stefan took her hand. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah," Elena said, "I just miss them, sometimes, you know?"

"I do," Stefan nodded. "I think about my mother almost every—" He gasped deeply.

"What is it?" Elena asked. "Stefan?"

"I c-can’t breathe —" he coughed and water poured out of his mouth.

"Stefan! — Stefan! Stef —"

Suddenly, he was back in hell, in the place where death was experienced every four minutes and he kept waiting for the door of the safe to open and to see Elena and Damon standing there, but even before he comprehend the thought, all he could do was feel the pain of asphyxia and, soon enough, he was breathing the water in once again.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • ANTAGONISTS: Silas, Jimmy, and Lucy.
  • Lucy executes the first step of an Expression Triangle by killing 12 ex-cons, one of which assaulted a friend of hers.
  • Silas has taken on the role of Stefan while he drowns at the Quarry.
  • Jenna Sommers is mentioned in this episode and Silas has seemingly taken her remains for an unknown reason, but it involves the seemingly dead body of Vanessa Monroe.
    • Jimmy, a warlock on Silas’s payroll, executes a spell that involves these elements – Jenna’s grave side, Vanessa’s body and a necklace with a “firebird” which is maybe a phoenix.
  • Elena draws a portrait of “Silas” in the quarry in the form of Stefan, unbeknownst to her, Silas is Stefan’s doppelgänger and Stefan truly is in the quarry.


  • Silas being in the safe was mentioned.
  • Lucy makes her first appearance since Masquerade.

Body Count

  • Twelve unknown human ex-convicts – killed by Lucy Maxwell.
  • Vanessa Monroe – unknown.

Behind the Scenes

  • THIS IS AN EXTENDED EPISODE: Being an extended EP, Tyler merged the Pilot with the episode Disappear, negating the existence of the original episode two and making it into an extension pilot.


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See also

Original airdate: 20:57, July 10, 2013 (UTC) / This is an extended episode.[2]


The Vampire Diaries
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 20:22, July 12, 2013 (UTC: Something Like A Dark Crow) / 13:48 March 8, 2016 (UTC: Current airdate)
Written by Tyler Gracyne
Directed by Tyler Gracyne
Episode Guide Transcript
What Happens On The Road, Stays On The Road
Something Like A Dark Crow (originally the third episode) is the second episode of season one of Something Witchy Comes This Way and the second episode overall.


FOND OF OTHER PEOPLE’S FACES — Fearing least Klaus should find out she’s the Cure – among other Petrova Secrets revealed to her alone – Katherine is promised protection from the powerful Lucy, only to be ambushed by an enemy no one saw coming. Elsewhere, the mysterious warlock continues to execute an even more mysterious spell that Jeremy might not be inspired to stop. Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and Tyler also appear.




"What are you doing here?" Katherine asked angrily.

"I’m a friend of Ally’s," Lucy rolled her eyes.

"Wait, you’re the one who’s supposed to protect me?" Katherine awed. "That’s very great." She sighed.

Lucy smiled again. "I'm a Bennett with an Expression, darling, what more do we need?"

Katherine understood. "I can't say it’s good to see since you betrayed me, but I can say that I'm glad you're helping me. If Klaus finds out he'll keep me as his personal servant and create generations of hybrids until I’m a bloodless old husk who’s missed out on eternity."

Lucy nodded. "Well, let's get to work, we aren't safe here." She gestured around and Katherine felt a chill enter her spine.

Then all hell broke loose.

Above them, crows and ravens begun to gather, creating a black cloud of birds.

Lucy frowned at the sky. "What's going on?"

Katherine got a very bad feeling, it was so familiar, but a mix between the best thing she’d ever felt and the worst in her life.

"LUCY," Katherine exclaimed. "Let’s get ou -"

"Hello, Katherine," said a voice identical to her own. There was Elena standing nearby with her back slung against a tree. She was dressed like typical Elena – jeans and a dark blue sweater. "What’s going on here?" asked Elena.

Silas stood there as the two young women (Katherine and Lucy) looked at him in terror.

He had taken the form of Elena Gilbert, their minds were being shielded by a powerful force - Lucy, the Bennett Witch, had raised the wall with her immense powers, which made Silas happy. Even with the wall she'd erected, he could still create illusions for the two of them.

"Hello, Katherine, enjoying human life?" Silas said in Elena's soft voice.

"You bit -" Katherine was about to say when her dark skinned friend stepped forward.

"Lucy, right?" Silas/Elena asked her. "As in, Lucy Bennett? Bonnie's cousin Lucy?"

"It’s Maxwell and don't even try it," said Lucy. "I can FEEL your energy. You're Silas."

"Why would I be Silas?" Silas/Elena frowned. "What's going on? Why would you think Silas was back? Katherine what happened? WHAT DID YOU DO?"

Katherine tilted her head. "Nothing, bitch, not that I owe you any explanation."

Silas/Elena sighed. "Why are you back here, Katherine? Or have you forgotten what Damon said he'd do to you if you came back."

Katherine was gorgeous, even if she was quite unclean at the moment, but Silas more understood Elena's appeal - innocence, softness, beauty like a kitten. Katherine, on the other hand, was a tigress - wild, gorgeous, passionate - but ELENA . . .

She IS perfection, Silas thought. Beauty I once knew, beauty I loved and Qetsiyah took her from me. I loved her so much, now she's gone and there's no way of getting her back because this girl took my Cure, I'll make them all suffer, even Katherine who had nothing to do with the fact that she was human.

Lucy shook her head. "Don't buy into it Katherine. It's an illusion, if it’s real then you won't mind us touching you?"

Silas/Elena shrugged. "Come and touch me, then."

Katherine crossed her hands protectively and walked closer to him/her. She stretched out her hand and touched Silas/Elena's shoulder with much success.

"See? I'm not Silas," Silas/Elena said. "I mean, why would you think I was Silas? Silas's at the bottom of the quarry where Stefan put him . . . . What's happened, why would you think Silas was back?"

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Lucy, would you explain? I really don't have time for my reflection right now."

"Do you want to get bit?" said Silas/Elena.

Lucy walked closer to Silas/Elena. "Silas's freed, Stefan dropped him just before Bonnie's spell wore off and now she's gone to find out more about how to stop him."

Silas/Elena laughed. "You really believe I'm Elena, don't you?"

Lucy stepped back. "Katherine RUUUNNN!!!"

Katherine turned on her heels as Silas took Damon's form and growled.

"It’s time for both of you to die."

Katherine screamed as he lunged.





Elena woke up to a concerned Damon’s eyes above her and she smiled. "What are you doing?"

"I thought I might surprise you, Elena," Damon said looking into her eyes with his dark ones, he was so warm, it was hard to believe that he was dead.

Elena pulled him lower and kissed him.

"Mmm," Damon pulled back. "Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Elena asked.

"Because you were unconscious," Damon said. "Don't you remember? Jeremy called, you passed out."

Elena realized. "Yeah, I did. That's . . . not good, Damon."

"Tell me, about it," Damon moaned.

"Just when things were normal," Elena complained. "Stefan comes back, I start drawing Silas and I - a vampire - faint for some mysterious reason." She sighed. "What did Jeremy want?"

Damon shrugged. "No idea. He didn’t call back."


Jimmy continues to chant over Vanessa Morgan’s body with the firebird necklace, “Ego mittam spiritum ad paradiso et reliquiæ, Jenna Sommers, adhiberi potest restituere spiritus pacem dolorem, a potentia inferni”.

Elsewhere, Jeremy finally drove his car into the cemetery. Jumping out of the car, he’s seen looking around the graveyard for anything unusual.

Meanwhile, Jimmy continues to cast the spell on Vanessa, who begins to stir.

Jeremy finally notices them and hides behind a nearby tomb, watching.

That’s Aunt Jenna’s tomb, Jeremy thought. What’s he DOING?

"Victas phasmatis ex cellento, revertus phesmatis ut victas," the Asian looking witch chanted.

Jeremy would know those words anywhere – it was a resurrection spell, a spell Bonnie had used on him so long ago.

But who’s THAT? Jeremy wondered about the woman he was chanting over.


"I still don’t know what’s going on with me," Elena said as she brushed her hair. "I don’t just black out – it’s impossible."

"Did you eat?" Damon said as he lounged on one of the beds. "Maybe it was because you haven’t had blood in a while."

"No," Elena said. "I have what I need, every day. It wasn’t hunger, Damon."

"Then let’s call Bonnie," Damon said. "Maybe she can do a supernatural autopsy."

"Damon, this is serious," Elena complained.

"I’M being serious," Damon said as he stood up and approached her by the mirror. "Bonnie CAN help you. She’s a SUPER-WITCH now, isn’t she?"

"BONNIE, isn’t here," Elena pointed out. "Which means she CAN’T help."

"Hmm," Damon purred. "Maybe I can help." He started to kiss her neck.

"DAMON," Elena said.

"C’mon, Elena," Damon said to her neck. "It’s been forever since we’ve been alone together."

"Yeah, that’s because YOU encouraged me to live away from you," Elena reminded him. "It was YOU who wanted me live ‘a normal human life’."

Damon vamped-speeded her to the bed and threw her onto it.

Elena giggled.

"All you have to do is say ‘no’," Damon said with his wicked smolder.

Elena thought about it. Maybe all she did need was to be with Damon, maybe that would unedge her.

As if in her mind, Damon lowered his head crushed his lips onto hers and Elena couldn’t help but feel like –

Elena heard a scream, "Get out!" Caroline yelled. "Damon - out!! – NOW!"

Damon was off of her by now, but she kissed him again and Damon rushed out of the room.

"Elena!" Caroline growled, coming out of the bathroom, she couldn't believe Elena, "Control your lust for when I'm not around. You know how I feel about Damon and you know how I feel about the relationship. I've accepted it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, now get dressed and let’s go – the campus hottie’s hosting a party and we’re going, bring Damon, maybe you two can have sex in his bathroom."

Elena mock-glared at her.


It was a lovely night. Caroline was happy. She was in love, immortal and in COLLEGE!

Tyler had come to pick her up at the dorm and they’d headed to the Whitmore House.

Caroline couldn't believe how happy she was. Six months and NOTHING had gone wrong. Of course, she didn't understand why Bonnie had left and why Katherine was still alive, but she knew that she had Tyler and Elena and her life and that's all she needed.

She glanced up at him as they approached the Whitmore House, that dark hair, those brown eyes, that warm skin and that smile that got her going crazy. He was all she needed, as long as they were together, even in a dungeon would be amazing, he was amazing.

Tyler saw her looking and smiled, "What is it?"

"It’s nothing," Caroline said. "It’s just that . . . you know I love you, right?"

"Duh," Tyler said and laughed. "What's going on? Don't tell me you're breaking up with me."

"What?! You think I'd do that?" Caroline asked, offended.

"I was joking, Care," said Tyler. "I'm just joking, I love you too." And his lips met hers.

"Hello, lovebirds," Damon’s voice came from somewhere behind them.

"Great," Caroline growled. "Why’re you even still here? Isn’t there a juvenile Hunter in Mystic Falls who’s supposed to have you as a lousy guardian?"

Before Damon could bite back, a guy appeared at the entranceway from which came loud music and dancing children. "Hey!" He called. "Caroline! You comin'?"

"Who is that?" Damon asked. "Dinner?"

"I haven’t decided yet," Caroline admitted. "He’s the guy who invited me – Jesse."

"Aww, Carrie the Vampire has friends in Whitmore Campus – adorable," Damon grinned.

"Let’s just . . . go inside," Tyler said.

"I’m glad we can agree on SOMETHING," said Elena.

Elena and Caroline walked ahead of the boys, but before they could enter, they both collide with the magic that kept vampires from entering a house uninvited.

"Great," Elena said, then to the boys, "we can’t go inside?"

"Is there a backyard?" Damon asked.

"Yo! You coming?!" Yelled Jesse.

"I’m going to kill him," Damon said. "It’s like he’s DARING us."

"We’ll just GO AROUND it," Elena said. "There must be a part of the party that’s outside."

Soon, they were blending in like they were human, dancing and having the time of their LIVES.


Tyler and Caroline eventually get super-drunk and drive off campus.

They found themselves pulling over into the woods and kissing passionately.

Caroline felt her back hit against a tree trunk and Tyler's arms were warm around her waist.

Caroline lost control of her vampire senses and her ears heard everything – animals, deer, birds, squirrels.

"Mmm," Tyler moaned as she pulled his lower lip with her teeth and slid her tongue into his mouth and forced his jacket off.

Tyler started kissing her neck, making her feel like heaven before he stopped quite abruptly.

"Don’t leave me hanging here," Caroline urged his head back down to her neck.

Tyler pulled back again. "Don’t you hear that?"

"Here WHAT – the squirrels?!" Caroline moaned. "I’m drunk enough as it is, ANYTHING I hear right wouldn’t pass in the court of -[hiccup]-aw."

"It sounds like Elena," Tyler smiled apologetically, then frowned in concentration. "Sorry, where were we?"

"Here," she pulled his head down to her neck.

Tyler obliged to kiss her again, but just as quickly stopped again.

"I . . . think I’m drunk," Tyler admitted. "But I think I just heard her mention ‘Silas’ – as in the present."

Caroline gave up and started listening herself as she stroked her hair behind her ear. She started to hear it, too. "What the hell? Did she just say – she’s not SILAS?"

Tyler looked focused. "It seems like they're in trouble, Elena’s heartbeat just picked up too high. C'mon, let’s get a closer look."

The two of them zoomed a little closer to where the sounds were coming from. As they got closer, the voices got more intense, Caroline and Tyler were close enough to see the figures, now and Elena lay on the ground, saying things that were really not making sense for her to say.

In the scene was Elena standing close to an African-American chick and . . . ELENA.

Caroline steadied her drunk mind and surely enough, there was a second Elena.

"Katherine," Tyler realized.

Then the dark skinned girl looked afraid and Katherine seemed alarmed.

"Katherine RUUNNN!!!" The dark skinned one yelled and Elena turned into Damon and lunged at the redhead and throwing her against a tree.

"What the hell?" Caroline hissed a whisper. "Why is Elena suddenly Damon?"

"Hell should I know?" Tyler said.

"Oh, God!" Caroline realized. "That's it!"

"What?" Tyler demanded.

"SILAS!" Caroline said. "I never thought I’d ever say this but we’ve gotta help Katherine!"

"Got it!" Tyler started running super-fast.

Caroline speeded after him, but Tyler was much faster than her.

Silas/Damon lunged after Katherine, but then Tyler was there and surprise attacked him by kicking him in the back and then crushing his skull under his foot just before he completely fell to the ground.

Well, Caroline thought, that went better than I thought it would.

Silas/Damon's body lay there motionless.

"What the hell is this, Katherine?" asked Caroline.

Lucy groaned and Tyler went over to her, biting his wrist as he examined the cut on her forehead. "Here, it’ll heal you."

Lucy shook her head. "No, I’m fine."

"No, you’re no —" Tyler was saying when the girl’s forehead seemed to re-mend itself.

"You’re a vampire," Tyler realized.

"No," the girl said as helped her up. "A witch."

Before Tyler could ask, Katherine screamed after them, "Come on! Are you crazy?! He'll wake up! Come on! We need to get away from here, qUIICCCKKKLLY!!!!"

"Relax, Katherine," Caroline told her, "Silas is right –" she frowned at where Tyler had kicked him to, but he was nowhere to be seen. "THERE. . ."

Silas/Damon had disappeared from the ground and was standing in front them in Klaus's form. "Hello kittens!"

Caroline screamed as Silas/Klaus raised his hand to attack her. Tyler jumped in front of her and Caroline awaited death. But death never came.

Silas/Klaus was punching, but he wasn’t making any contact with them, he was hitting against an invisible wall between Tyler, Caroline, Katherine, and the dark skinned girl. Silas/Klaus ran the other way with his speed and hit against the same wall in all other directions.

Silas/Klaus grinned. "Got another Bennett Witch have you?" he looked at Caroline with Klaus's eyes, accent and voice. "Caroline, be a darling and tell them to release me."

Caroline glared at him. "Don't even try that with me, Silas. I know it’s not really Klaus." She looked at Katherine. "What did you do?"

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Not me, her." She pointed to the dark skinned girl. "This is Lucy, Bonnie's cousin, remember?"

"Oh," Caroline said. "You're a witch?"

"Yes," Lucy said. "A very powerful one at that, descendant from Qetsiyah herself, I’m here to kill Silas."

"I CANNOT be killed," Silas/Klaus roared.

"How is he even here?" Katherine demanded.

Ignoring Katherine, Caroline focused her attention on Lucy, "what do you mean kill him?"

"Ah, guys," Tyler said, "Only one problem: Silas's gone."

Caroline whirled to face where the Old One had been standing. "Oh, God."

Lucy scowled and examined the place of the seal anxiously hitting against its wall. "He didn't break the seal, it’s . . . it’s still there." She threw a stone at the invisible wall and it bounced back. "Silas didn't just get away, he disappeared."

"What do you mean he DISAPPEARED?" asked Katherine.

"He TELEPORTED," Lucy elaborated. "He moved from here to somewhere else without covering the space in between – He’s gone."

"He can do that?" Tyler asked.

"What else can he do?" Katherine asked. And then they heard the crows caw overhead, ravens gathering and aiming at them. "We've got to run or those things will kill us. Or . . . me." Katherine said.

But they were too late, the dark cloud just kept expanding and growing into this large mass of birds with raven’s feathers . . . and then they fell on them.


Jimmy stopped chanting and placed the necklace on Vanessa’s chest and, he was about to chant something else when Jeremy appeared behind him and smacked him behind the head with a bat and he crumbled to the ground unconscious.

Vanessa woke up almost immediately. "<GASP!>"

"Hey, are you okay?" Jeremy said as she glared at him with a look of fear and confusion.

"Who are you?" Vanessa demanded. "Where am I?"

"I’m Jeremy Gilbert," Jeremy said. "You’re in Mystic Falls. Do you know him?" he pointed to the guy on the ground.

Vanessa shook her head, breathing heavily.

"Are you sure?" Jeremy asked. "He was chanting over your unconscious body."

Vanessa looked very confused. "I . . . I don’t remember."

"What do you mean?" Jeremy frowned.

"I . . . can’t remember anything," Vanessa realized.

"What’s your name?" Jeremy asked.

"I . . ." Vanessa scowled. "I don’t know."


Elena was getting tipsy and Damon had just gone to get her some more drinks, which she wasn’t sure was such a good idea.

"Hey," a guy’s voice said behind her.

Elena turned around.

It was the guy who was hosting the party. She’d seen Aaron a couple of times in her class, but had never actually INTERACTED with the campus heartthrob. He was as impressive as they came – 6’2", messy blonde hair, startlingly gorgeous blue eyes and totally hot lips.

"Aaron, right?" Elena said in greeting.

Aaron’s smile was beautiful and infectious, he seemed pleased she knew who he was. "And you are unmistakably Elena Gilbert. I’m glad you could come." He offered her a cup of punch. "I hope you’re enjoying yourself."

"Yeah, totally," Elena hesitated, but took the drink with thanks. "My friend Caroline insisted."

"Where is she and her boyfriend?" Aaron asked, his stare knowing.

"She’s . . ." where WERE Caroline and Tyler? "I’m not sure," she admitted with a nervous laugh. "Last time I saw them they were D-R-U-N-K."

"Like you?" Aaron smiled wider.

Elena realized he was right, she WAS drunk. "This party DOES rock though . . . so why DID you invite us?"

Aaron shrugged, sipping his drink. "You may not know it, but you, Caroline and Tyler are very popular on campus. Everybody speaks highly of your . . . your style. Caroline’s bravery and how great she’s been in drama class, Tyler’s inhumane physical prowess, your timeless beauty and dedication to your medical classes."

"My boyfriend," Elena added very quickly.

"No . . . actually, never," Aaron admitted. "You have a boyfriend?"

"He’s actually standing right behind you," she giggled as he turned around and was met by Damon’s face.

"Hi, didn’t catch your name," Damon was holding two cups of punch.

"Aaron," Aaron smiled at Damon. "Aaron Whitmore, I’m –"

"The guy hosting this party," Damon said, "Yeah, I know." He looked directly into Aaron’s eyes and smiled, his voice full of compulsion magic, "go find somebody single to play flirt with the new girl with."

"Damon," Elena said as Aaron walked off.

"What can I say? I’m a jealous boyfriend," Damon said, eyeing the drink in her hand. "I see I took too long for your liking?"

Elena rolled her eyes. "He pitched."

"You bought what he was selling," Damon finished.

Elena smiled at him, eyeing the unbuttoned part of the top of his shirt. "I . . . am drunk. Not to mention, I am horny as hell."

Damon threw away one of his cups and smiled at her, standing dangerously close to her. Then he leaned in to whisper in her ear. "You’re not allowed to be horny, last time I checked, you’re a girl. Unless, of course, you’ve got something to tell me."

Elena glared at him. "I will vomit on you, Mr. Salvador."

"Tor, not Dor," Damon grinned. "Wanna get out of here?"

"Gladly," Elena said.

At that moment, a scream came from somewhere in the woods, sounding horribly frightened. "Help! Somebody, please, help me!"

Faster than anyone else, Damon had found the girl. Her neck was severed with what he would recognize as a vampire bite any day. But it was . . . so torn, flesh ripped open and blood pouring out. How this chick survived was beyond him.

Damon looked into her eyes, "Who attacked you?"

"Some guy . . . a thing, like . . . like a monster," the girl said, tears pouring out of her eyes.

"Did you know him?" Damon asked.

She shook her head. "Please, help me."

"Okay," the others were close, so he pulled her deeper into the woods that surrounded the house, told her not to fear, fed her his blood and told her to go home and forget everything she’d seen.

As he headed back, he wondered who would be capable of hurting this girl like this. A drunk Caroline? Or worse, a drunk Tyler, maybe? If it was, he’d have to make them pay for fixing their mess.

When he resurfaced, a bunch of eyes were on him and he smiled. "False alarm! Some girl looking for attention."

And just like that, everyone returned to their pointless conversations and dancing, good as new. But there was a problem, where he’d left Elena, there was someone else and as he searched the crowd, he couldn’t see or find her.

"Damn it, Elena! Where the hell are you?" Damon groaned, pulling out his cellphone hoping against hope that she was alright. When she picked up, Damon sighed with relief. "Elena, where -?"

"Who is this?" a masculine voice said through her cellphone.

Damon frowned, chills passing through his spine. "I know that voice." He’d never forget that cruel tinge of narcissistic carelessness, the voice that he’d hated for over 150 years. "[…] Dad?"

"Damon?" Giuseppe Salvatore said. "Is this my son, Damon?"

Damon swallowed. "I don’t know what this is, but I want to know where Elena is RIGHT NOW."

Suddenly, Elena’s voice: "Damon? Damon! You won’t believe this. Come to my dorm."

"ELENA, what’s going on?" Damon demanded, his chest tight.

"Just get here, now," Elena’s voice sounded hopeful, almost excited and in the next moment, she’d hung up.

At that moment, Damon received a voice message from: JEREMY. Damon shook his head, this wasn’t the time to be listening to a horny Hunter ask him where the peanut butter was, so he just shoved the smartphone in his pocket, pulled his powers inward and vamped away.


Jeremy sat in the driver’s seat dialing everyone he could to warn them about Silas, none picked up. He’d left many voicemails for everyone given nobody was picking up their phones.

The woman he’d found – whom he called Jane Doe – at the cemetery being spelled for God-knows-what reason, was sleeping in the backseat. She’d begged him not to leave her and that she felt safe with him and had passed out in the backseat.

The warlock didn’t get that luxury. Jeremy had put him in the trunk after making sure he was filled with tranquilizers.

Jeremy needed help and he needed to warn everyone, he could only do that if he found them – face-to-face, the only person whom Silas couldn’t psychically control: they’d know everything he said was true.


When the black cloud faded and the pain subsided, Tyler took in a deep breath as the last slash faded from his back.

He’d tried his best to protect Caroline from the ravens: he’d pulled her to the ground and used himself as her shield. It had been a painful experience as hundreds of birds had torn into him, and Caroline had tried to get out from under him, but he was stronger than her and wouldn’t let her be harmed.

It had gone on forever, the pain and the sound of their caws being his only reminder than he was still alive.

"It’s over," Caroline whispered in the silence of the night.

Tyler opened his eyes and was relieved to see Caroline unhurt, all the blood that was on her very obviously his.

"Thank God, you’re okay," Tyler said and kissed her. "You’re okay."

"Which is more than I can say for you," Caroline said, worry in her eyes. "You lost a lot of blood."

"I’m a hybrid," Tyler told her as he struggled off of her. "All that matters is that you’re okay." He helped her to her feet.

"Oh, my God," Caroline said when she saw their surroundings. "What the hell happened?"

Looking around, following her gaze, Tyler was surprised to see all the debris.

All around them, spiraled and dead and smelling as foul as chickens, were the crows that had tried to kill them – possibly hundreds, all dead.

Nearby, kneeling next to Katherine’s limp, bloodied body, was Lucy.

"Oh, my God," Caroline rushed forward and knelt next to her.

As Tyler came closer, he could hear that Lucy was chanting a spell and Katherine was coughing, her body almost completely deformed.

"Feed her your blood," Lucy said and continued her chant. "My magic’s the only thing keeping her here. Ex magicum vitae!"

Caroline bit her wrist and pushed to Katherine’s mouth and the dying girl begun to swallow the blood eagerly.

"She’s going to be okay," Caroline said, but Tyler’s eyes were on her wounds, they weren’t healing.

Katherine suddenly choked and blood poured out of her mouth and her nose, she coughed like the blood was choking her, vomiting it out of her body.

"What’s happening?" Tyler asked Lucy. "Is this supposed to happen?"

Lucy put her hands on Katherine’s head. "It’s the vampire blood, her body’s rejecting it."

"What do you mean, her body’s rejecting it?" Tyler demanded, the smell of her blood was so intoxicating, especially now that he was so hungry.

Lucy shook her head. "Phesmatos tribum, vitae a les belle a donna!"

The sounds of whispering voices filled the air – the Spirits.

"Please, help her," Lucy said, her eyes closed, the whispered intensified, but Tyler couldn’t hear what they were saying, only Lucy. "Nature needs her! She’s the only one that can save us from the Old Ones!"

Suddenly, Katherine’s veins circulated, turning black as she started to pant in pain.

"No! No! No!" Lucy cried. "Please!"

Katherine coughed one last time as the dark veins circulated through her skull and she simply stopped breathing.

The voices faded and Lucy’s lower lip quivered as she opened her eyes. "They wouldn’t help me: she’s gone."

"Great," Caroline said.

Tyler sighed. "You ask me, good riddance."

"Tyler –" Caroline was saying, when Tyler raised a hand.

"I’m sorry, but bitch deserves to die, I’m not going to cry for a woman who’s responsible for so much hurt," Tyler rubbed the back of his neck.

"Don’t you realized that Silas’s just killed our only chance to -?" Lucy stopped herself.

"To what?" asked Caroline. "What did Katherine have that meant Silas would kill her to stop her? She was just human, right?"

Lucy was about to say something, something important, when she thought better of it and stood up. "I was stupid to think they would help me. The Spirits finished her off. Do what you will with the body, I need some air."

"Wait, what’re we supposed to do with her?" Caroline called to the witch, but there was no answer as the witch faded into the night.


— In Paris —***

Dear Diary, Rebekah wrote, Matt and I are on our way back to Mystic Falls, we’ve just been to Paris and to Italy in the past six months. It’s been magical, I think Matt may have made me do something I haven’t done in a very long time: fall in love.

We had dinner on the Eiffel tower every night.

We enjoyed Troy together, it was magic. Then it was Ireland, and now it’s Paris.

There’re those moments, those very special moments when he steals a kiss from me and lose ourselves in each other.

I know how that sounds, but I abstain from making love to him, I . . . can’t have him, not like that, not yet. I’ve had too much hurt in my past, too many loves lost once that line’s crossed. Sometimes I wasn’t even in love.

Besides, I never forget to show him how much I care about him every day. Matt was starting to learn to speak both French and Italian fluently. The love and enjoyment of each other would’ve lasted forever . . . Then we got that dreaded phone call from that bloody teenager telling us God-awful news – Silas is back.

I remember the deal Matt and I made before we left: what happens on the road, stays on the road. I’ll stand by it even though I don’t want to . . . I just care about Matt so much, it’ll be so hard not to see and be with him everyday.

I still have two days with him; his friends don’t know that it’s me who took him away and that he’s been enjoying Europe with me. Of course, I shouldn’t care what those lowlifes think of me, but I do, because they’re Matt’s friends.

It’s so hard to think that I won’t be with him in the next two days. None of us brought it up.

It gets worse, I think I may be falling in love with him and I think that he may be falling for me, too. I’ll enjoy these couple of days while I still can.

Thinking of him gets my undead heart beating fast. But I fear I’ve allowed myself to get involved in something much worse than sex with Matt . . . that’s how I know I love him.

Rebekah closed the book and walked downstairs and met Matt at the break-fast table on the porch of the hotel they lived in.

“Hey,” Matt said.

“Hey yourself,” Rebekah said. Matt wore a white T-shirt and jeans, his hair was golden in the sunlight, he was so gorgeous, so handsome, Rebekah could never stop admiring his innocence, his beautifully human innocence.

“You OK?” Matt asked.

Rebekah wondered why he would ask her that question. She’d perfectly hidden her pained emotions behind a façade of mild happiness. “Why?”

Matt hesitated, “Well, you always seem to say at least ten things about your past in the centuries before breakfast.”

Rebekah bit her lip in hidden frustration, “it’s nothing, I just feel like you know enough about me than anyone else has in a while.”

Matt smiled nervously, “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Rebekah said.

“But we haven’t even –” his comment was cut short by a phone call, he picked it up and said, “Hello? Aha, ah-ha, ah-ha. I see, OK. Don’t worry, we’re . . . I’m OK, Care. I’ll be there in two days . . . I’m not done doing what I left for, it’s too important to be left alone.”

Rebekah hid a very happy smile, it’s too important to left alone. She was the reason he’d still wanted to spend two more days away from his friends – his family.

“What is it?” Rebekah asked taking a bite out of an apple.

“Caroline’s worried,” Matt said after hanging up. “She’s says she won’t stop calling until she knows I’m safe from Silas, but I can deal with it if I get two more days with you.”

Rebekah bit her apple again. “You’re so sweet.” Her façade was on the verge of destruction.

Matt ate his breakfast, his stomach was empty, Rebekah could tell with her sharp senses that it’d just growled quietly. Rebekah didn’t need all this human food that he did for sustenance, of course, she was an Original Vampire. Not drinking blood would weaken her, but not kill her like those other lower life . . . death forms.

When they’d started off, Rebekah had wished to drink from travelers, and Matt had gone along with it until, finally, he’d accidently cut himself with a kitchen knife while making breakfast, which had been particularly hard for Rebekah on the day because she’d been so hungry. Knowing how hungry she was, Matt had offered her his blood, but not from an arm, from his neck and found the secret of blood-sharing to be better than anything she’d refused him before.

Matt would offer her the chance to feed from him to a point where, if one of her brothers were here, they would instruct her to kill him.

In stories Rebekah had heard, blood-sharing built a bond between the hunter and the prey. Not only did lay bare to all your thoughts, it connected your souls and created the strongest connections of all.

It was dangerous, very dangerous, if she got swept up in the moment because none of them would be paying attention to the fact that Matt was mortal, drinking his blood endlessly would be fatal if she didn’t stop at the right time and feed him her blood to make sure he lived on.

The fact that he so trusted her with his life like that, Rebekah knew she should slow down, keep herself from falling deeper, especially since Silas might kill him soon enough.

As he ate, Rebekah studied his muscled arms and veiny neck, the blue cracks sticking out. She could hear every beat of his heart and the very flow of his blood under his skin.

Embarrassingly, Rebekah’s fangs shot out, piercing her own lower lip as they did.

Matt grinned at her, amused.

"Sorry," Rebekah covered her mouth with her hand, looking away as her eyes turned red with blood.

Matt took her hand away from her mouth and made a motion to look directly at her vampire face. "How did this happen?" he said, looking directly into her eyes. "How did I end up falling for an Original Vampire?" he stroked her cheek as the veins dispersed with the fangs. "When’s the last time you ate?" but even before she could answer that it would’ve been four days now and that she was still okay, he took the kitchen knife and slit the skin on his neck.

"Matt!" Rebekah cried.

"What?" Matt asked. "Aren’t you hungry?"

Her fangs extended again. "Matt –"

Matt smiled. "Don’t waste it, Bex."

Rebekah swallowed. She hated it when he did that.

"Bloody hell," she said as he pulled her in.


Tyler and Caroline entered the dorm with Katherine’s body.

Elena was sipping what looked like coffee when they entered and was shocked to see Katherine's dead body in between them.

"What the hell?" Elena demanded.

"Silas’s back." Caroline said.

"Is that -?" Elena was asking.

Tyler nodded. "It’s Katherine. She’s dead."

"Lucy Bennett was back in town," Caroline explained. "She had some plan to defeat Silas."

The front door burst open again and Jeremy rushed in. "Thank God! I’ve been trying to call all of you, why haven’t you picked up your cellphones?"

"Jer?" Elena asked. "What’s going on?"

Jeremy shook his head. "Bonnie’s spell – it was bound to non-natural magic, Nature undid it: Silas’s alive and he wants blood."

The door opened again and Damon entered, his eyes wide with what Elena realized to be shock.

"Where is he?" Damon demanded anxiously. "Where’s he?"

"Damon? Who are you talking about?" Elena asked.

Damon grabbed her shoulders. "Did he hurt you —?"

"Do you mean, Silas?" Jeremy asked.

"Silas?" Damon frowned. "Why would I mean Si . . ."

"He’s alive, Damon," Elena told him. "He did that." She pointed to Katherine's barely distinguishable body.

"Is that . . .?" Damon realized, but Damon was all the more confused, he looked to Jeremy. "What are you doing here?"

"I’ve been trying to call you all since yesterday," Jeremy said. "The Spirits on the Other Side warned me, Silas . . . somehow overpowered Bonnie’s magic. He escaped the safe."

"That isn’t possible," Elena said. "Stefan locked him in there and threw him into the quarry, remember?"

Jeremy shook his head. "Then he must’ve controlled Stefan with his psychic powers because he’s here, now. He even has a witch doing spells for him."

"But Stefan would’ve told us," Elena said. "He would’ve warned us that Silas was back."

"When did Stefan come back?" asked Jeremy.

Damon’s eyes fell on a drawing on Elena’s bed. "What if . . . what if Jeremy’s right? What if Silas did overpower Stefan? Silas is a powerful psychic, maybe he’s still in Stefan’s head, watching us through him. He could tell Stefan to do anything and he’d do it."

Everyone’s eyes fell on the drawing Elena had drawn.

"Maybe he’s in my head, too," Elena said.

"That’s right," Caroline said, standing next to Tyler. "He could be any one of us. Right now, he could be hiding in anyone on this campus. I could be him."

A moment passed, everyone uncomfortable.

"Hey everyone," Stefan’s voice said at the entrance. "What’s, uh, going on?"

They all faced him at once.

Then, suddenly, a gasp of life comes from Katherine’s body as she sits awake, swallowing breaths of life, her skin healed but stained with her own blood.

"Oh, my God," Caroline rushed over to her. "She’s completely healed."

Tyler and Caroline share a look of fear before Elena suddenly burst into a fit, falling into Damon’s grasp once again, unconscious.

"Elena!" Damon groaned.

"Seriously," Stefan/Silas grins. "What is going on?"

In Elena’s mind:

Elena is in the Salvatore Mansion study room. She studies the room. It is lit by a bluish glow of power and serenity and peace.

Stefan and Damon stand across from each other.

"I can’t do this anymore, Damon." Stefan said.

Damon placed his arms on Stefan’s shoulders, they seemingly hadn’t noticed her presence yet. "It’s too much, Stef. You can’t do this anymore. The pain . . . just turn it off, brother."

Elena frowned. What the hell was happening?

"What if I turn into a monster again?" Stefan said to him.

"What if the pain breaks you?" Damon countered. "What if we never find you? Hey –" he forced Stefan to meet his eyes. "Just turn it off . . . turn it off."

Stefan nodded and closed his eyes.

"Stop!" Elena didn’t know what was happening, but intuition told her she couldn’t let this happen. She vamped to Stefan, pushing Damon out of her way. "Stefan, I know you’re in pain," as she said the words, she realized they were true. She HAD drawn Stefan. He was stuck at the bottom of the quarry. It explained how he was gone and why he hadn’t called or made contact for the last six months. She didn’t know if this was a dream, but she or if she was hallucinating or if she and Stefan had somehow connected minds in some sort of spiritual place, but she knew she had to stop him. "I know you’re in pain. Trust me, I know how it feels."

"No, you don’t," Stefan snapped. "Do you have any idea how I feel? How it feels to have to hold your breath until you can’t, until your lungs feel like they’ll explode and then inhale all that water and WAKE UP to it in your LUNGS?"

"Yeah, I do," Elena said. "It’s what got me killed." She could FEEL him. She could feel the warm in his skin, the minty smell of his breath, the anxious heartbeat that reached her from one inch distance where he stood. Suddenly, Elena was sure of it. Sure of STEFAN, this was his soul, she could feel it from her own heart. "Stefan, I’m real. This is real. You need to know that I’m going to fight for you. Save you. I will, I promise. Just hold on."

"That’s the thing, I’ve nothing to hang on to," Stefan said. "If I could, I’d rip my own heart out."

"Stefan, don’t —"

"What? Talk like that? Have hope? Newsflash, you’ve told me that a billion times —"

Elena couldn’t take it anymore. She crushed her lips into Stefan’s, letting it last long enough for Stefan to try to kiss her back, before she broke their contact.

Stefan breathed. "You’ve never done that before . . . ELENA? How is this —?"

"I don’t know, some sort of Silas trick maybe?" Elena said. "But I know I’m real. I know where you are. Stefan, I – WE love you. Don’t forget that. We’ll find you. We’ll make it all right."

The dimension suddenly shuddered.

Stefan’s eyes fell on something behind her. When she looked, she dreaded it instantly — because it was Stefan. Then this must be a dream, because there he was, a double. Except . . . this double had a red aura around him, his features were sharper . . . darker, his slight smile gave a sense of evil déjà vu.

Stefan quickly pulled her behind him. "Get out of here, Silas."

"That’s not very mannerly," Silas said. He wore a necklace around his neck, a blue-green crystal hanging idly from its leather rope. "Especially since I’m your ancestor."

Elena frowned. Silas was hiding behind Stefan’s face, she was sure of it, but she had a sense of darkness, of something . . . MORE going on here.

"What is he talking about?" Elena asked.

"That’s a VERY long story," Silas pulled the whiskey and poured it into a glass and sipped. "One that we seem to have . . ." he looked at the clock. "ALL day to get into."



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  • ANTAGONISTS: Silas, Jimmy, the Spirits.
  • Vanessa is resurrected, but returns without any memories.
  • Katherine is killed by a horde of ravens. Lucy petitions the Spirits to resurrect her, but they refuse.
  • They finally figure out Silas is out.
  • Elena falls unconscious and awakens in an astral plane-like place where Stefan’s consciousness lingers.


  • The meeting of Damon and Stefan with Lucy in Masquerade was mentioned in this episode.

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  • Katherine Pierce, killed by Silas through a raid of birds he has under his psychic control, later is resurrected by the Spirits.

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