Name: Sofia Grace Salvatore

Born: July 16 1849

Species: Vampire

Nickname: Sofie

Family: Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore

Boyfriend: Eliijah Mikaelson

Friends: Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes

Biography Edit

Sofia Grace Salvatore was born on July 16, 1849. She is the youngset of the Salvatore family.

Zoey baby pictures 095

Sofia as a baby

When Sofia was born, her mother died of childbirth. Her father, Giuseppe gave her up to one his maids saying that she is a murderer and he doesn't want anything to do with her. The maid raise her as own and never told about her family. When she was 10 years old she was sent to work at the Salvatore Mansion. There Giuseppe treated her very badly. He always yelled at her when she didn't get something right and slapped her and called her stupid.

In 1864 she found Giuseppe dead on the floor with blood everywhere. She hears a scream in the other room and runs to it. What she finds is the maid that took care of her, lying on the floor with blood all round her. She run up to her asking her hold on, but the maid looks at her and tells her that their somthing that she needs to know. She tells Sofia to look in Giuseppe's office and open the first drawer, that there will be a letter from Sofia's mother and Giuseppe. She saids that the truth holds in the letter. The maid dies in her arms.

Sofia reads the letter and finds out that she is the little sister of Damon and Stefan. After finding out who she is, she goes on her own. A year later she finds Katherine, who knows that Sofia is the Salvatore Brothers sister. She tell Sofia that her brothers are alive and feeds her blood and turns her into a vampire. Sofia wakes up with a ring on her finger in the middle of a field.

As a vampire , she goes out in search of her brothers. In 2014 she goes to New Orleans. There she finds a man named Eliijah Mikaelson.


Her daylight ring

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