Season Five

23 (Unaired)
October, 10 2013
The Year of Red October

Nina Dobrev as Elena/Tatia

Ian Somerholder as Damon

Paul Wesley as Silas

Steven R McQueen as Jeremy/Silas

Joseph Morgan as Klaus

Katerina Graham as Bonnie Bennett

Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan

Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes

Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood

Olga Fonda as Nadia

Kendrick Sampson as Jesse

This version of season 5 is fictional as well as this website, the chapters, situations and Episodes are all fake but the characters are all from the real show 'The Vampire Diaries

The Fifth Season of The Vampire Diaries began airing in the United States in fall 2013. It was announced on May 18, 2013 that the show was renewed for another season.

Season SummaryEdit

This  Season begins with the aftermath of Katherine's fate, Elena's Choice, The Graduation and The shocking Salvatore secret that took the world by surprise, Now This season brings the most terrifying choices, episode aftermaths and Character's fates.Katherine awakes after her fate with the cure, Silas pretending to Be Stefan helps her and takes her but she is very shocked at what is revealed when taking the cure no human can now turn. Everyone in Mystic Falls has to cope with the chaos as Katherine begs for forgiveness as herself has to be ready to face her darkest secret yet and In New Orleans someone shocking awaits them. At Whitmore College A new Professor named Professor Handson to replace  dearly departed Professor Shane has a secret love with an old friend.

Based on the series of books by L. J. Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES' is from Bonanza Productions Inc., Outerbanks Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Kevin Williamson (“Scream,” “Dawson’s Creek”), Julie Plec (“Kyle XY,” “Wasteland”), Leslie Morgenstein (“Gossip Girl,” “Private”) and Bob Levy (“Gossip Girl,” “Privileged”).


  • Silas - True form
  • Tatia
  • Estreata


Note: That this season is the first season ever to feature 5 chapters in one season alone.

  • Chapter I: The Undead Chapter (Ep. 501-503):
  • This chapter focuses on the transformation of Katherine and as she searches for a antidote to turn back but who will help little miss Katherine
  • This chapter opens with a whole new era as new characters Nadia and Jesse join the chaos and new Witches, Vampire, Werewolves and a new species lead by a new Petrova Doppelganger. This chapter focuses on Katherine's transition into a Human and the emotions and horror she will face as a human. The Aftermath of the submerged cage with Stefan stuck in it, Jeremy coping without his loved one Bonnie and lying to his family and friends along with the horror to go with it and the return of our most loved characters.
  • The main antagonists of this chapter are Silas and Jesse.


  • Chapter II: The Cracked Chapter (Ep.504-507)
  • This chapter follows the aftermath of the Shocking death of Elijah and Nadia's darkest secret and Jesse's big escape.This Chapter follows up of what wasn't covered in the first chapter, Jeremy coping without his loved one Bonnie and lying to his family and friends along with the horror to go with it and the return of our most loved characters. Jeremy will reveal a shocking secret that will shock Whitmore College and it leads to a shocking end.
  • The main antagonist of this chapter are Tatia, Silas and A New Witch.


  • Chapter III: The Heartbreak Chapter (Ep.508-513)
  • This Chapter follows the aftermath of Chapter II, Nadia reveals her shocking secret to Whitmore, Elena breaking down and Katherine's wraith of devastation, and A new dimension is discovered when Silas creates a new spell.
  • The main characters of this chapter are Elena,Katherine,Damon and Silas


  • Chapter IIII: The Return Chapter (Ep.514-519)
  • This chapter wraps up/coincides with The Silas Chapter from Season 4.As everything is revealed. Silas in the form of Shane, He returns to Mystic falls after the death of his true love Tatia. Secrets, lies, truths, and terrors are all revealed as everything is wrapped up in this chapter of The Return.
  • This chapters episodes all feature flashbacks from season 4's Silas Chapter.


  • Chapter IIIII: The Blood Cry Chapter (Ep.520-523)
  • The chapter draws a close to the most supernatural series in history, as our favorite characters fight for freedom as a big storm set by Silas's Witch Estreata is set to destroy everyone and everything in Mystic Falls until someone sacrifices there life for hers.
  • This Chapter will be the last in the whole of the series.
  • The main antagonist of this chapter are Estreata.


Note1: *Appears posing as several characters, real form is played by Paul Wesley, total appearances of the character (9/23).

Supporting Cast



Image Title Writer(s) Airdate # Director(s)
150px Undead & Alive Writer: Kevin Williamson Director: Julie Plec October,11 2013 #5x1
This episode begins The Undead Chapter.

WILL KATHERINE BECOME HUMAN AGAIN?-- Caroline and Elena decide to go DVD Shopping for college in New Orleans, Elena slips out the shop and walks down the town were she sees Katherine hanging around. Will Katherine be impressed and Will Elena stand for her fake humanity chit-chat, Caroline catches up with Elena to find them both chatting together, will she be shocked?.

150px 54th Bourbon Street Writer: Kevin Williamson Director: Julie Plec October,18 2013 #5x2
SILAS HAS ANOTHER BLOODY BATH UP HIS SLEEVE -- Outside of Mystic Falls life isn't so hardcore, In New Orleans Silas arrives to release his one true love Tatia Petrova, Elena becomes aware of Stefan's disappearance and is proven to find him before Silas does.

150px This is compulsion Writer: Kevin Williamson Director: Julie Plec October, 25 2013 #5x3
This episode ends The Undead Chapter.
  • This episode features 5 flashbacks.

KATHERINE'S HUMAN MEMORIES RETURN -- Katherine wonders around Mystic falls, when she finds a safe house empty and filled with food. She comes across a mysterious looking basement filled with photos but the photos ain't just any normal photos and someone shocking shows up, meanwhile at Whitmore College Rebekah lets loose her bad side, and Caroline and Klaus get it on.

150px Quest for Fierce Writer: Kevin Williamson Director: Julie Plec November, 1 2013 #5x4
This episode begins The Cracked Chapter.

HOW WILL JESSE GET OUT OF THIS RAGE? -- Jesse Leaves Mystic Falls, he encounters a unexpected figure from his past, and that person wants him for a shocking reason... At Whitmore College Nada falls in love with new Class teacher Tyler, not knowing a little dirty and scary secret.

150px Unbroken Writer: Julie Plec Director: Caroline Dries November, 8 2013 #5x5
WEREWOLVES OF THE NIGHT--Nadia and her friend Tessa arrives in Mystic falls. Damon and Elena become suspicious of the both as every full moon, Werewolves every since they arrived have been attacking residents of Mystic Falls, and Jeremy reveals the secret to Both Caroline and Elena, And Katherine chooses between herself and a special someones life.

150px Spring of Death Writer: José Molina Director: Julie Plec November, 15 2013 #5x6
This episode will feature Nina Dobrev as Tatia
  • This Episode presents new flashback female character Erentria.
  • This is a flashback episode, to way back in 1492.
  • This episode reveals the truth about The Original Petrova

1492 MYSTIC FALLS-- Tatia and her friend Erentria are rallying the Village of Mystic Falls, when they find a very dashing new comer to the village named Klaus, he has a dark secret and his darkest secret is more deadly than vampires.

150px The broken Glass Writer: Kevin Williamson Director: Julie Plec November, 22 2013 #5x7
This episode ends The Cracking Chapter.

This episode takes off what The Originals final episode never. ELENA AND BONNIE?--Caroline and Elena try to contact Bonnie but will it go down well, Meanwhile Damon decides to go to Tennessee were we meets his worst enemy.

150px The Healing Wound Writer: José Molina Director: Julie Plec November, 29 2013 #5x8
This Episode starts of The Heartbreak Chapter.

OUT FOR BLOOD -- After hearing of Katherine's betrayal to Elijah, Klaus decides to scour the earth and leave Mystic Falls and hunt for Katherine but will she approve?. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon have it out once and for all. And Silas is desperate for blood, Who will he kill next? and new towny Megan thows a party at the Town Hall, making vampires welcome and Silas waiting!

150px Destruction, Horror and Death Writer: Julie Plec Director: José Molina December, 6 2013 #5x9
*This episode features a new character.

A NEW DIMENSION -- Silas creates a spell to kill every soul on earth and create a new world, Will he be successful? Meanwhile Elena, Damon and Jeremy panic when they hear shocking news.

150px The Tear of the drowning paper Writer: Kevin Williamson Director: Jose Molina December, 13 2013 #5x10
New character appears

THE NEW DIMENSION GETS WORSE -- The Spell gets stronger as witches appear. New vampire John tries to help Elena, Damon and Caroline stop Silas before it's too late but will they stop him intime before the new dimension fully closes in, will it lead to a surprising ending.

150px The Draw of blood Writer: Caroline Dries Director: Sarah Fain December, 20 2013 #5x11
This will be the show's 100th episode.
  • This Episode presents a NEW Original.

28 WEEKS LATER THE DESTRUCTION WITH SILAS CLEARED, -- At Whitmore Summer is here, parties booming, Schools closed and residents are ready for partying, Elena and Nadia both leave Mystic Falls along with Damon still searching for Stefan in and outside North and West Virginia, and they are shocked at what is revealed. Will he be alive?, Meanwhile At Mystic falls Jeremy and Bonnie try kill time by working together to figure out a puzzle of another Original that could be roaming Mystic Falls!

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x12

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x13
This episode ends The Heartbreak Chapter.

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x14
This episode starts The Return Chapter.

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x15

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x16

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x17

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x18

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x19
This episode ends The Return Chapter.

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x20
This episode starts The Blood Cry Chapter.

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x21

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x22

[[Image:|150px]] ' Writer: Director: #5x23
This episode ends The Blood Cry Chapter.


  • This season contains 23 episodes.
  • This season presents a new Original.

Teaser PosterEdit

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