Redmayne Family Tree

The Redmayne Family is the main family in the fanfiction called Red. They are secretly one of the Founding families of Mystic Falls and, next to the Bennett witches, are one of the strongest witches on earth due to past rituals and their history.

Family MembersEdit

  • Bjorn: One of the oldest ancestor of the Redmayne family bloodline to date. He was a Scandinavian viking who set sail to the New World with his wife, Elsabeth, alongside Mikeal and his wife, Esther. He is the father of Astrid and Sigrid.
  • Elsabeth: She was the mother of Astrid and Sigrid and is a descendant of Silas' bloodline, who is also the ancestor of the Salvatore bloodline. She is commonly nicknamed as Elsa in later chapters.
  • Astrid: She was the first child of Bjorn and Elsabeth. As an infant, being born a witch to two powerful witches, she learned how to cast spells with little to no difficulty. However, as she grew older her mother taught her how to be subtle with her magic and keep it as a hidden secret when around mortals. She grew up as a timid but wise mature woman and was even trained alongside her sister, Sigrid, how to fight by their father. At age 16, she was wed off into a mortal family, however her husband knew of her sorcery. Instead of revealing her secret to others, he promised to keep it a secret, as long as she made sure their future children would be just as powerful as her. Together they had their first child and only daughter, Cecelia, and their only son, Peter. As promised, Astrid taught Cecelia how to control her powers and promised to do the same with Peter when he became a year old. During this time, Astrid was able to make a cult of witches she called, The Blood Row of Red Witches, in referrence to the bloody ritual sacrifices they made to their god, Clancy of Chaos. The rituals got so out of hand, every full moon they would celebrate Clancy's "supposed" birth, by slaughtering up to 20-30 villagers within that week. Seeing as the members of the cult would do almost anything for their god, which is found out in later chapters was a fake god Astrid made up to create the cult, decided to tell her followers she was Clancy and was reincarnated into a female body. Her followers believed her and she got more members to join this way. She was then worshipped by them as they did every deed she asked of them. Astrid's husband didn't mind the sacrifices and would often visit her cult at their get togethers to show moral support for Astrid. This was also because her followers never attacked him or murdered his family and friends and because Astrid told him, the more they sacrificed, the more powerful she'd become and the more powerful their children will be. As she remained with the cult for a few years, she grew estranged from her sister, Sigrid, who was getting close to Mikeal and his family, whom she wasn't fond of. She even went as far as to warn her sister that they would become bloodsucking heathens and she'd be the first to die if she remained with them. Her sister disregarded her warning and remained in love with Mikeal's son, Kol, whom she eventually got impregnant by. As rumors of the pregnancy and their engagement went around, Astrid distanced herself further away from her sister, practically cutting her out of her life. During another full moon, instead of attacking villagers, Astrid requested they'd take out the werewolves. All members attacked as much werewolves as they could, but since they were in their form it made the fight almost impossible to win. It was later revealed Astrid wanted some of her followers to go on a suicide mission, just so she could later absorb their power and give to her children. One group of werewolves, while transforming, had their minds blurred out more than usually due to the frequency of the witches mind powers on them. It went to a point where they were able to control werewolves and made them do the killing so they could be blamed for the previous slaughters. The first victim the witches took through their new ability with the werewolves was Henrick, the son of Mikeal. Because of this, Esther had no choice but to turn all of her children, her husband included, to become the first living vampires to ever walk the earth. Astrid was angry at the thought of Esther creating a new form of species and wanted to do the same with a few volunteers from within her cult. Unfortunately, she never succeeded as they would die out in a matter of hours or a week at most. During another full moon, Astrid requested they'd use her pregnant sister to create the new species she wanted. After her followers kidnapped Sigrid, Astrid explained to her they'd have to take the baby out of her and sacrifice it so she could absorb its power and create her species that she wanted to win and take out Esther's vampire children. When Kol figured this would happen, he went out to find Astrid's cult and save his fiancee. As he fought off the other members, he took Sigrid and left. After their escape, did Kol later realized Sigrid was bleeding after being stabbed in the womb once by her sister. Astrid used the bloody daggar, mixed with the blood of Esther's bloodline and Silas' bloodline, to finish creating the species she would use to take out vampires in the future. Just as she was about to finish, Kol returned back to the cult's hideout and started to slaughter them all one by one, after Sigrid bleed to death. He left Astrid and her husband for last, and instead of giving them a quick death, he tortured them before killing them in the most gruesome way. He later found their children, but instead of killing them, he took care of them seeing as they were so young and now orphaned. Before her ultimate death, her final words were she swore she would come back through her creation to bring death and destruction to all for defying her.
  • Sigrid: She was the second and last child of Bjorn and Elsabeth. At the age of 3, she was taught by her mother how to control her magic and learned from her father the basics of fighting. As she grew older, she found herself less interested in learning witchcraft and more invested in learning how to fight. Her older sister, Astrid, however was the opposite. At the age of 13, she watched as her older sister, Astrid got married off and was starting to get pampered by her mother so she could be married off in less than 4 years like Astrid. Sigrid, however, was replused by the concept of arranged marriages, and wanted to marry for love, but for wealthy, safty, or because it's the traditional way. While this mindset was in mind, she met Kol, the son of Mikeal, who was only 2 years older than her. As they grew close as friends, Sigrid, whom Kol nicknamed Siri, was introduced to Kol's family. She grew a close bond to Rebekah, Henrick, Elijah, and suprisingly got along very well with Mikeal and Finn. The only relationship Sigrid didn't strongly made a connection with was with Niklaus. They respected each others fighting skills and didn't mind each others presence, but they weren't more than just good acquaintances. Esther, on the other hand, didn't care much for Sigrid and would often tell Kol he could have done better. After 2 years had passed, a romance sparked between Kol and Sigrid, and they already had the approval of Sigrid's parents and most of Kol's family. A year later, Sigrid fell pregnant just a month before Kol could ask her to marry him. They decided to get engaged earlier and planned to have the wedding as soon as it could be prepared, but unfortunately there were many delays and after Henrick's death, they had to focus on his burial rather than their wedding. After Kol was made into a vampire, he had no choice but to call the wedding plans off for fear he'd harm his fiancee and unborn child with his uncontrollable bloodlust. Sigrid would visit him little by little a day, but he never got used to her alluring smell. She got an idea to ingest vervain in her herbal tea and wear it around her neck so he'd have some restrain. It seemed to work and after a while Kol was able to be around her without losing too much control. Sigrid stated they shouldn't be wed until he had full control over his bloodlust and powers and that neither of them should worry about their future child being labelled as being born out of wedlock since they are engaged and soon to be married at some point. When Sigrid reached being 7 months pregnant, Astrid sent her brainwashed minions to kidnap her and bring her to her sister. While there, her sister told her they would sacrifice her powerful unborn child to create a new creature of supernatrual abilities as Esther did. Sigrid refused to cooperate and tried to fight off Astrid as much as she could. Unfortunately, Astrid was stronger than her in power and eventually stabbed her once, but hard into the womb before pulling it out. Luckily, Kol came to her rescue just in time and they escaped together. However, neither of them noticed Sigrid was bleeding out fast until it started staining Kol's shirt and hands. He didn't know at the time his blood could feel, and tried to apply pressure on the womb to keep it from bleeding. All was failing, and Sigrid then died from blood lost, while her unborn deceased child was still in her womb. In the heat of the moment and in rage, Kol went back to the cult and slaughtered every last member including Astrid and her husband, whom he knew were responsible for not only Sigrid's death but for everything else that has ended in tears and horror over the last 3 years. He later found a shelter filled with all of the children from each member of the cult, including Astrid's children. Instead of killing them all, he allowed them to live seeing as they were young children and had no part in their parents evil. While he let the others go free, he did however decide to personally take care of Astrid's children, Cecelia and Peter, soley because they were the niece and nephew of Sigrid and he thought they would replace his unborn child. They never did or could, but they did fill him up on what it'd be like if he got a chance to be a father.
  • Cecelia: She was the first child and only daughter of Astrid. At 18 months old, Astrid was teaching her daughter how to control her magic. As she got older, her mother would transplant half of every magic she'd absorb and give it to her and her baby brother, Peter. At age 4 going on 5, Cecelia was placed in an underground shelter within the second cult hideout along with the other children and her brother, Peter before the cult's minions were sent out to kidnap Sigrid. They remained down there for a long time, having the oldest child of 11 years old be in charge of everyone. After so many hours had passed, someone finally came back for them, but it wasn't their parents, but Kol who set them free. As the rest of the children left, Kol made Cecelia and Peter stay behind, informing them he'd take care of them and that they can trust him. Cecelia, of course, asked questions about her parents, but Kol would reply as vague as possible. As she got older, she asked again and Kol had no choice but to tell her the bold truth. It was up to her whether she should tell Peter or not. She never did. At the age of 18, Cecelia was finally married off to a partly wealthy family that would take good care of her and her brother, Peter, who was only 14 at the time. Kol left them to live their lives seeing as he couldn't take care of them forever and he didn't want to turn them. In memory of Kol and her unconditional love for her brother, she named her first-born son, Kol Peter.
  • Peter: He was the first born son and last child of Astrid. He was only a few months old when his parents were murdered and he, alongside his older sister, Cecelia, were taken into Kol's custody. He spent the rest of his life unaware of who killed his parents. At the age of 14, he and his sister were abandoned by Kol, who stated they were grown enough to take care of themselves. At the age of 15, Peter grew ill and remained in bed for most of his days. He died from his illness a day after his 16th birthday, leaving Cecelia to continue the bloodline.
  • Kol Peter: He was the first born son of Cecelia and was named in memory of Kol, son of Mikeal, who raised his mother and uncle as children and his uncle, himself.
  • Jon Kol: He was the first born son of Kol Peter. 
  • Sir Nathaniel Reynolds Lawrence Redmayne: After Astrid, Nathaniel is the second most bloodthirsty psychopathic witch of the Redmayne bloodline. In 1611, before the Salem witch trials became common, Nathaniel set up a organization called the Red Knight, like the Blood Row of Red Witches, they perform bloody sacrificed rituals to Clancy. Nathaniel had made many enemies through these murders from humans, werewolves, and mostly witches that weren't from his bloodline. It was until Nathaniel and his followers went to slaughter the Bennett witches and take their children to raise as their image, that a war sparked between the Bennett witches and the Red Knight cult. After so much bloodshed came from both sides, Nathaniel used the death of all the Bennett witches and his own followers magic to finish the ritual that Astrid didn't accomplish. But before he could finish, he was ambushed by more Bennett witches who were then allied with Travellers and Gemini witches to take out Nathaniel once and for all. Instead of continuing the ritual and fighting off the other witches, knowing he wouldn't stand a chance against them, he killed himself swearing he'd come back to finish the ritual.  The Bennett witches however placed a curse on his bloodline, which stripped them of their power. Instead of being a sorceror, every generation had to choose between being a light sorceror or a dark sorceror. There was no chance of them being both without slowly decaying away.
  • Francis Nathaniel Redmayne: He was the first son and only child of Sir Nathaniel Reynolds Lawrence Redmayne. He married a common mortal, and had three sons. All of which he secretly taught magic to.
  • James Francis Redmayne: He was the first born son of Francis Nathaniel Redmayne. He married a witch named Cathrine Pollen, who had no knoweldge of his bloodline or thought he was apart of it. They had two sons together, before she died of an illness.
  • Stephen James Redmayne: He was the first born son of James Francis Redmayne and Catherine Pollen. He married Lillian Clover, who came from a wealthy family. They had 4 children together.
  •  Isaac John Redmayne: He was the second born son and last child of James Francis Redmayne and Catherine Pollen. He grew up jealous of his brother, Stephen having their father's attention and their mother's bias affection. Because of this, he seduced Stephen's wife and impregnated her to have a set of triplets all of which were girls. Stephen never knew of this and never did. After Stephen passed, Lillian decided to marry Isaac, realizing she had always loved him. He accepted her love and their children, but he wanted Stephen's only child and son, Phillip to be left behind. Lilian did so and gave Phillip up to be raised by her uncle upstate.
  • Phillip Stephen Redmayne: He was the only son and biological child of Stephen James Redmayne and Lillian Clover. After the death of his father, he was only 9, his mother, Lillian, went off to marry his uncle, Isaac before her deceased husband could be buried. Once the funeral was officially dealt with, Lillian finally got married to Isaac. A day after their wedding day, his mother sent him to live upstate with her uncle George Collins. Phillip grew up spoiled and wasn't interested in marriage. Because of this he fathered many children, but personally kept his first born son to carry on the family tradition. He simply did not care for the others.
  • Geoffrey Phillip Redmayne: He was the first born son of Phillip Stephen Redmayne. He grew up not knowing his birth mother or his other half siblings. At a young age, he impregnated his first girlfriend and they both ran away together from the disapproval of their parents. She gave birth to twins, but one of them died within a week due to unknown heart problems. The other was a boy and though he wasn't the first born son, Geoffrey decided he'd replace his older brother. As their son grew up on a farm with them, Geoffrey tried to have more children with his girlfriend, who illegally became his wife. However, it would always fail as she would often have a miscarriage and gave birth to stillborns. At some point, Geoffrey gave up and placed all his time and devotion to his only son. Making him a better man than he or Phillip was.
  • Tobias Geoffrey Redmayne: He was the second son and only living child of Geoffrey Phillip Redmayne. He grew up on a farm with his parents as an only child and was his father's main focus and priority. After he became 17, he left home and went upstate to work near the harbors. He eventually got wealthy from the imports and even built his own market store for people to buy the latest imports at a fair and sometimes even cheap price. He also appears to be the only person within the bloodline, up to date, that had a family at an older age, being 35.
  • Samuel Tobias Redmayne: He was the first born son of Tobias Geoffrey Redmayne. He appears to be the first of the bloodline to have an incestual affair with his younger sister, Sarah. Before he had left to go fight for America during the revolution at age 16, he had impregnated his sister. Their parents were both oblivious of their relationship and assumed Sarah's fiancee at the time was the father. Samuel was killed at battle only having one child left to continue the traditional bloodline. His father, however, wasn't aware he had a child, and placed the tradition to his second born son, Alec. Because of this, after Sarah gave birth to her first child, in memory of Samuel, she named him Alec Samuel.
  • Alec Samuel Redmayne: He was the only son and child of Samuel Tobias Redmayne and is also a product of incest between him and his sister, Sarah. Growing up, he had no knowledge of his deceased uncle being his biological father, despite how much his mother would speak highly of him. By the time he was 20, he married his cousin on his 'father's side of the family. She was only 15. They had 2 children together, before he died of a genetic disease at 21.
  • Chirstopher Alec Redmayne: He was the first born son of Alec Samuel Redmayne. He travelled down south at the age of 19 and married a distant cousin from his grandmother's side of the family. They had three children togehter, but their only son was the only one that lived to be an adult. After they were both murdered, all their lifesavings and inheritance went to their only living son.
  • Charles Christopher Redmayne: He was the first born son and youngest child of Christopher Alec Redmayne. After his father was killed for having scammed so many unfortunate souls at his job within the bank and his mother got accidentally killed in the process, all their wealth and inheritance went to him since his older sisters died from freak accidents. At age 28, he married a local witch who claimed she was a decendant of one of the members of the Red Knight. They had 2 children together and also help found Mystic Falls, alongside the Salvatore's, the Fell's, the Forbes', and the Lockwoods. He was also apart of their secret council, with them having no clue he and his wife were witches. In 1864, rumors got out about witchcraft as well as the stigma towards vampires. Charles tried to reassure the council on these suspicions, but they only grew worse. On the day of the Battle of Willow Creek, the council organized an attack on all vampires and intended to pass it off as civilian casualties. They purposely didn't inform Charles of this meeting because they had strong feelings that he was a witch as well as the rest of his family and during the attack they planned to also execute him and his family. Charles, luckily, overheard their discussion and quickly informed his family to flee town. During the attack, the family finally decided there was no way they could take all the attackers at once and fled. Unfortunately, they didn't leave quick enough as they were all shot on spot, with only Charles' daughter escaping the gunshot, but eventually bleed to death in the woods.
  • Richard Charles Redmayne: He was the first born son of Charles Christopher Redmayne. Growing up in Mystic Falls, he grew close to the Salvatore family and Damon Salvatore in particular. He grew up with the Salvatore brothers and became close friends with them. Richard would often consider the Salvatore brothers as his own brothers and would often ask his sister which Salvatore would she like to be wed to, so they could actually be brothers. Though she refused and stated she wasn't interested in being wed to them, Richard would still bother her over it in a playful banter. As Katherine Pierce came to town, both men were interested in her, but Richard allowed Damon to have her all to himself. Instead he fell for Stefan's arranged fiancee, Rosalyn Cartwright. Since Stefan obivously showed an interest in Katherine rather than his future wife, Richard figured it'd be fine if he had her. They then had a brief affair, resulting in her unknowingly getting pregnant. The day before the attack when his father informed him and the rest of the family to flee town, Richard refused to pack his things, having no interest in leaving his hometown any time soon and thought his father was being paranoid. On the night of the attack, Richard heard of Katherine's kidnapping and always had the suspicion she was a vampire. With that, he realized his father was right and quickly packed his things before fleeing on foot with the rest of his family in the shadows. Unfortunately, he, as well as the rest of his family, was gunned down on the spot. He died in cold blood not knowing 9 months from then he would be a father.
  • Evelyn Redmayne: She was the only daughter and last child of Charles Christopher Redmayne. She is also the first reincarnation of Sigrid. At a young age, she was interested in learning magic from her mother, unlike her older brother, Richard, who had no interest in witchcraft. Growing up in Mystic Falls, she got along fine with the Salvatore's and found herself facinated by how spells differ between the southern and the northern regions. Since her brother, Richard was friends with the Salvatore's, he would often ask her which of the Salvatore brothers she wished to be wed to. Despite how well they got along with her, she didn't have any interest in marrying a Salvatore and would often ask her brother to stop pressuring her about it. At age 16, Evelyn meet Caleb Monroe, who was the first reincarnation of Kol. As fated, they fell in love and were engaged to one another. When her father tried to warn her about the attack, she refused to believe it, not wanting to leave Caleb. Realizing it was in fact true, she begged Caleb to flee with her. Caleb was hesitant at leaving his family, but agreed to run off with her. Unfortunately, on the night Evelynn and her family were leaving, they were gunned down by soildiers. Evelynn was the only one that escaped the scene with her gun wounds. She was able to meet up with Caleb, who wasn't too far off. However, she had bleed out so much, she passed out before reaching him. Caleb reached her and tried to wake her up, but she was already dead at that moment.
  • Tom Richard Redmayne: He was the first born and only son of Richard Charles Redmayne. He grew up never knowing his father and married three times, having a total of 7 children.
  • Michael Tom Redmayne: He was the first born son and child of Tom Richard Redmayne. 
  • Ethan Michael Redmayne: He was the first born son of Michael Tom Redmayne.
  • Katlynn Gia Gophers:
  • Ryan Ethan Redmayne: He is the second born son of Sir Nathaniel Reynolds Lawrence Redmayne and Katlynn Gia Gophers.
  • Hank Jesper Redmayne: He is biologically the first born son of Ethan Micheal Redmayne and Katlynn Gia Gophers.
  • Kathy Lisa Redmayne: She is the last child and only daughter of Ethan Micheal Redmayne and Katlynn Gia Gophers.
  • Crystal Harper Redmayne: She is the only daughter of Sir Nathanial Reynolds Lawrence Redmayne and Katlynn Gia Gophers.
  • Hannah Monroe Redmayne: She is the first born child and daughter of Hank Jesper Redmayne and Crystal Harper Redmayne.
  • Kendell Jo Redmayne: She is the second born child and daughter of Hank Jesper Redmayne and Crystal Harper Redmayne.
  • Jesper Hank Redmayne: He is the only son of Hank Jesper Redmayne and Crystal Harper Redmayne.
  • Quinn Marilynn Redmayne: She is the only daughter and child of Hannah Monroe Redmayne and Ryan Ethan Redmayne.
  • Alec Ryan Redmayne: He is the only son of Ryan Ethan Redmayne.
  • MarySueJane Linda Redmayne: She is the last child of Hank Jesper Redmayne and Crystal Harper Redmayne.
  • Jesper's Unborn Child: He is the only son and child of Jesper Hank Redmayne and Bonnie Shelia Bennett.


There has been a noticeable pattern within each decendant of the family when naming the first born son. They usually bear their father's first name as their middle name and the pattern continues when they have their first born son. Jesper, however, wants to be the first to break this pattern as a sign that shows he truly wants nothing to do with the Redmayne bloodline anymore.


  • Witches
  • Light Witches
  • Dark Witches/Sorcerer/Sorceress
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Hybrids
  • Red Shifter


Creating the Astri-Shifter. also known as, Red Shifters.

Founding Mystic Falls.

Second to the Bennett witches, as the most powerful witches on earth.

The Massacre of 1919

Splitting the Other Side as different realms.


Sir Nathaniel Redmayne of Red Knight

The Blood Row of Red Witches

The Red Knight

Astrid/Clancy of Chaoes

Bloody Mary (Quite Contrary)

Alec of Red Blood



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