Quinn (Bella Thorne)


Quinn 'Marilyn' Redmayne is the main character of the fanfiction Red. She is biologically Hank and Crystal Redmayne's granddaughter and niece. She is also biologically her older sister's daughter. She is apart of the infamous Redmayne family and is the second reincarnation of Sigrid.

Biographical InformationEdit


  • January 19th, 1994 (19)


  • Alive


  • College Student


  • Witch/Light Sorceress


  • Female

Family Members:

  • Hank Jesper Redmayne (Grandfather/uncle)
  • Ryan Ethan Redmayne (Biological father/Uncle)
  • Alec Ryan Redmayne (Half brother)
  • Jesper's Unborn child (Nephew/Cousin)

Appearance: Played by Bella Throne

First Seen:

Last Seen:

Early LifeEdit

During Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

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Season 5Edit

The Originals Edit

Personality Edit

Physical Appearances Edit

Relationships Edit

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