Biological InformationEdit

Born: 1st Century A.D

Turned: 6th Century

Status: Undead

Killed By: A Unnamed assailant.

Known as: Nutral Ettrova a Bulgarian term for his first name Nathan OTHER INFOMATION: Nathan Mikelson was a Member of the Mikelson Family back 1000 A.D. Born and raised in Bulgaria. All though he was never met as a true vampire he was thought to be safe and reliable vampire in his village in his time.

Supernatural InformationEdit

His vampire status in 120 A.D was unknown until 2000 A.D were he met a very nice lady name Tatia Petrova who was very keen on knowing his true self although she did not approve as she revealed his secret to all his village and land around Bulgaria and it become to that moment that his village was not allowed to let him return to his homeland and Tatia then left him to defend for himself fleeing Bulgaria to a unknown land and it is unknown if Tatia is still living as she was human.

In 2012 billions of years after, Nathan returned to Bulgaria to find a very new place of heath and worship unlike when he last lived in Bulgaria, but even though memory is lost there is still a memory of happiness and wealth that flows there.

The Other StoryEdit

Even though Vampires have never been seen since, under that warm and safe country. There is war, violence, unwealthyness and Death!! Which Doppelganger Silas has been heading of.


  • Karle and Nathan - A True love that lasted or thought of would last for a life time until Tatia caught Nathans eye.
  • Nathan and Tatia - Not a very true love as Tatia betrayed him and his secret was heard by everyone.
  • Nathan and Katherine Pierce (PRESENT DAY) Nathan caught wind of a doppelganger. A Petrova doppelganger and Nathan decided to betray her because of her Ancestor Tatia. But also Nathan did truly love Katherine, they would never be a true love.

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