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(Note: this story is on wattpad the name is the oldest Gilbert sister..)

Alexandra selena Gilbert is the oldest child of the Gilbert family. She is jeremy Gilbert biological older sister and old cousin to elena Gilbert. She was shown in the 3 season of the vampire diaries and later on became a big character to the series and she also went to the original she became a big character to the originals. She in the vampire diaries when elena and jeremy Gilbert were rememberING her they were in it for a lot of surprise.

Biographical informationEdit


  • april 19th 1989 (23)forever


  • Alive

Occupation:entertainment (currently)


  • Human (originally)
  • Witch (active)
  • Vampire (active/kol mikaelson bloodline) (died given birth to kol mikaelson hybrids twin children thats half vampire half witch because the. Baby sucks her blood and she was too week.


  • Female

Family Members:

  • *miranda Gilbert * birthmother
  • *greyson gilbert *biological father
  • Katerina Petrova (aunt ancestor. Deceased )
  • kol mikaelson (husband/soulmate .deceased )
  • klaus mikaelson (half brother in law)
  • Elijah mikaelson (brother in law )
  • freya mikaelson ( sister-in-law)
  • rebekah mikaelson (sister in law )
  • finn mikaelson (brother in law .deceased )
  • Henrik mikaelson (brother in law. Deceased )
  • Elena Gilbert (younger sister/ cousin)
  • jeremy Gilbert (younger brother)
  • jason lockwood mikealson(son)
  • greyson Henrik mikaelson ( son)(alive - age 4 looks 17)
  • korabella Rebekah - Elena mikaelson (daughter)
  • Henrik Niklaus mikealson( son)
  • bree - Caroline -mikealson( daughter)

Signifcant sires:

  • Kol mikaelson

Significant kills:

  • low


  • Played by Selena Gomez

First Seen:... season 3 episode 8

Last seen:... season 7 episode 8

Early LifeEdit

When alex was born her. Parents calls her the most beautiful girl they have every seen. When alex grows up she shows interest in things like dancing acting and singing. She was perfect and as she was growing up she was fulfilling those dreams and being happy so when she was 18 she moved to newyork. Her family were sad but she says that she will always call and her life was happy she lostlost contact in her family her mother and father and her aunty and uncle was the only ones who knows what she does and she has been on the Gilbert family counsel for hunting vampires since she was 15, later on in life she met kol mikaelson they started of as friends they become best friends and later on in their friendship they found out that they are soul mate and they rejected each other but they later on fell in love by choice and started dating so they accepte each other as soul mate later on because the really love each other. They got married when alex was 21 and on their honeymoon alex was the pregnant. So later on n vampire diaries season 3 episode 8 elena Gilbert and jeremy Gilbert and the salvatore and the mikaelson siblings found alex and they want to meet her but kol was already daggered by klaus mikaelson a month before they founD alex. So they found out that she had a good life the mikaelson found out that their brother was happy for once and the Gilbert and everyone was shocked by what they found out.......... read story on wattpad called vampire diaries the oldest Gilbert sister,


During Season 3Edit

the family and friends of alex was happy and they wanted her to be safe so they told her that she should come back to mytic falls s I the they can protect her fr the mikaelson enemies and that kol will be undaggered and alex became friends with the mikaelson and salvatore she reconnected with her family and friends. .......


cocky, sarcastic, arrogant sometimes ,bitchbitch to those who deserves it,kind, honest, always kerbstone her word,lovable, friendly, selfless,malipulate, alex is a kind person and she always want to help people to be good and she's a good prankster. And the best of friends, wife,sister and mother anyone could ever have.

Physically Appearance

sexsex, skiny,fit,beautiful


kol mikaelson (husband /soulmate)

Jason dylan lockwood mikealson( son)

Greyson -henrik mikealson( son) ( deceased)

 korabella Rebekah mikaelson  (daughter )

Henrik -Niklaus mikealson(son)

Bree_ Caroline mikaelson (daughter)

Kol drew 'dicky ' mikaelson (son)

Marcus Elijah mikealson( son)

Charlotte 'charlie' mikaelson (daughter )

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Vampire speed,hearing,sight,strength,

witch powers:can create a shiled, move things with mind,control the elements, the most powerful witch even stronger than easter mikaelson and bonnie Bennett and evenue powerful than the original witch sister.

shes an original vampire she is stronger than any other normal vampire or. Normal vampire hybrid but the originals have stronger strength than her.


vervain, wintegrated oror stake,dagger ,witch bane.


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