MarySueJane (Annalise Basso)


MarySueJane 'Linda' Redmayne is the last child and daughter of Crystal Harper Redmayne and Hank Jesper Redmayne. She is known for her blood crazed alter ego known as Bloody Mary and she's apart of the infamous Redmayne bloodline.

Biographical InformationEdit


  • November 10th, 1997 (16)


  • Alive


  • High School student (formerly)
  • College Student (currently)


  • Human
  • Witch/Dark Sorceress


  • Female

Family Members:

  • Hank Redmayne (Father)
  • Crystal Redmayne (Mother)
  • Hannah Redmayne (Sister)
  • Kendell Redmayne (Sister)
  • Jesper Redmayne (Brother)
  • Quinn Redmayne (Fake Sister/Cousin/Niece)
  • Alec Redmayne (Cousin)


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Last Seen:....

Early LifeEdit

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During Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

The Original'sEdit


Physical AppearanceEdit


MarySueJane and Quinn

MarySueJane and Jesper

MarySueJane and Crystal

MarySueJane and Sarah

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



MarySueJane consists of three different individual names: Mary, Sue, and, Jane. Her mother jumbled all these names together because she liked how it sounded. Because of this, her siblings perfer to call and talk to her by nickname. MarySueJane was often teased at school for this name. 

MarySueJane is a Capricorn.

Because of her name, MarySueJane had many nicknames. including: Mary, Sue, Jane, MaryJane, MJ, MarySue, M, J, Bloody Mary, Plain Jane, 'Sue' Sue, Ms. Jane, and Sane Mary.

Despite her age, MarySueJane was able to skip a few grades, which is why she graduated and went to college at 15.

MarySueJane, so far, seems to be the only one in the Redmayne immediate family, who has an uncontrollable dark side. Her siblings inheritated small chunks of this trait, but it seems to affect MarySueJane the most, hence her alter ego named, Bloody Mary.

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