"Looking for happiness" is written by Dya the vampire

It is about Aria Nolan. She is looking for Elijah and she want to free him from Klaus.

Chapter one: Discovering their secretEdit

After hundred years, I moved in a little town, Mystic Falls. There I met a kind girl named Elena. We became friends and soon I met Caroline, Bonnie, Matt and Jeremy. One day I was at the Mystic Grill talking with Elena. Then Stefan and Damon came in.

"I want you to meet my boyfriend, Stefan and his brother Damon." Elena said.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Stefan Salvatore." he said. "And he is my brother Damon Salvatore."

"Nice to meet you guys. I am Aria Nolan." I said.

"Nice name. Aria. It sounds..... interesting." said Damon.

When I saw them, I had a little suspicion about Damon and Stefan.

"So Damon, I heard that you and your brother were named after your ancestors, who lived here in Mystic Falls in 1864. It's that true?" I said.

"Yes. It is true. A creepy thing of our parents." Damon said with a sarcastic voice.

"You know, I think I would like a vervain tea. Do you want some?" I said with a smile on my face.

"NO." said Damon and Stefan fast.

"Why? You don't like it? Or you are allergic?" I said.

"Sort of." said Stefan. "We don't like it."

"What, you burn when you drink it or what?" I said knowing that I was right. The Salvatore brothers are vampires.

Chapter two: Sharing the secretEdit

Next day at the Salvatore Boarding House. I went to see Damon, Elena and Stefan and share my secret with them, because I thought I can trust them. I saw Elena entering in the house.

"Hey Elena. Hi."

"Hi Aria. What are you doing here?" said Elena.

"I'm here to talk with you, Stefan and Damon.” I said.

“Really? Okay, come in.”

Damon, Elena and Stefan
After we entered I saw Damon and Stefan sitting around a big table. I used my speed to go near them.

Hi guys!” I said.

They were shocked. Damon tried to attack me, but I was stronger and faster.

“I’m not here to fight with you. I’m here because I need your help.” I said.

“Really? How I can be sure that we can trust you?” Damon said.

“You can’t, but we have a common goal.”

“Really. Which one?” said Elena.

Damon and Stefan

Damon and Stefan looking at Aria.

“We all want Klaus neutralized.” I said.

“Really. What he did, that you hate him?" Stefan said.

“He took someone away from me."

"Your lover?" said Elena.

"He was my fiance."

"But why he did this?" Stefan asked me.

"My fiance was Elijah, his brother."

"What?? Elijah was your fiance?" said Damon surprised.

"Yeah. Now I'm searching him. And I hope that one day we will reunite and live as happy as before."

Then someone entered on the door.

Chapter three: Shadows of the past

Coming soon...

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