Kendell (Kimberly Whalen)


Kendell 'Jo' Redmayne is the second daughter of Hank and Crystal Redmayne in the fanfiction Red. She is biologically Quinn's aunt, but has always been her older sister. She is apart of the infamous Redmayne bloodline.

Biographical InformationEdit


  • October 23rd, 1992 (20)


  • Febuary 2013


  • Alive/Enchanted


  • College Student


  • Witch/Dark Sorceress
  • Red shifter


  • Female

Family Members:

  • Hank Jesper Redmayne (Father)
  • Alec Ryan Redmayne (Half Nephew/Fake brother/Cousin)
  • Jesper's Unborn child (Nephew)

Significant sires:

Significant kills:

Cause of death:

Killed by:

  • Alec


First seen:.....

Last seen:......

Early LifeEdit

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During Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

The OriginalsEdit


Throughout the series, Kendell has been seen as a coldhearted, inconsiderate, manipulative, haughty, short tempered, stubborn, and an all around unlikeable bitch. Though she gives off this vibe, deep down, which Quinn would mentally point out, is 'if you got the chance to really know her, she's actually a decent human being behind her mask'. She has shown some good traits such as, being protective, at times caring, and would take the blame if it meant immediate danger to those she secretly cared for. These traits are more noticeable during Season 3 through Season 4. She is often potrayed as a complicated person, but given her background with her family, it can often be understable when she lashes out at random occasions. As she develops a deeper relationship with Stefan and Quinn, she constantly flips between her mask and good traits, unsure of what type of person she wants to be. Being conflicted has also caused her to spiral out of control as a Red shifter in Season 6.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Kendell and Hannah

Kendell and Jesper

Kendell and Quinn

Kendell and Crystal

Kendell and Damon

Kendell and Stefan

Other Relationships:

Kendell and Hank (Father/daughter)

Kendell and MarySueJane (Sisters)

Kendell and Bonnie (Bittersweet relationship)

Kendell and Alec (She never trusted him)

Kendell and Caroline (Rivals/Allies)

Powers and AbilitesEdit



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