Jessica is a member of the Petrova family and is the twin adopted sister of Katherine Petrova.

Name: Jessica Petrova

DOB: 2-9-1400's

Spieces: Vampire

Throughout the Vampire DiariesEdit

Season OneEdit

Jessica appeared in only three of the episodes only in deleted scenes

Season TwoEdit

Jessica appeared in only five episodes only in the background story of Katherine.

Season ThreeEdit

Episode 3Edit

Jessica made her face known to Katherine as her biological sister who is a vampire herself, but she was created by the one and only Mikael who had an affair with her.

Episode 8Edit

Jessica realised that Katherine his her twin, but also having to know that she had slept with Mikael in order to become a vampire. Plus it was Esther who forced Jessica to become a vampire so that she won't tell her children that their father was having an affair.

Episode 17Edit

Jessica had finally met her match with Damon, she had wooed him over to her side in order to help Mikael in his last request after his death. But when she was about to do her mission, Damon had daggered her so that she was asleep in a coffin and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Season FourEdit

She had appeared on the last ever episode to face her now, human twin sister Katherine.

Season FiveEdit



She is tall and slender, but has really long bruntte hair and real pale skin.


She is the opposite of Katherine.












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