Into The Dark is the fifth episode of the Fourth Season and the seventy-first episode in the series. (Fanfic by ShadowLian) To see the season summary again, click here.


A GLOOMY PAST – Connor takes on some new and even more dangerous methods to go after the town’s vampires and the Salvatores try to find a way to stop him. After Elena is nearly killed, Stefan takes her away with him which leaves Damon alone. As he gets to trap Connor, the hunter sheds some light of how he became who he is. While Bonnie is told a big secret about her ancestors by Atticus Shane, Jeremy safes a scared April after Corey tried to sexually abuse her. While Matt and Noelle seem deeply in love, Caroline has some issues with Tyler after he spent time with the other hybrids. Klaus is desperate to find a new way of making more of his kind as a familiar face returns and has a piece of information that might be useful.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • main antagonists: Connor Jordan and Klaus.
  • The title refers to Connor spilling details of his dark past.

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