Hunted is the second episode of the Fourth Season and the sixty-eigth episode in the series. (Fanfic by ShadowLian) To see the season summary again, click here.


A NEW DANGER IN TOWN – Elena is now a vampire and has to learn how to live with that. Stefan and Damon both want to help her and teach her what she needs to know. As they want extremely different things for her, another brother-fight ignites. Rebekah and the other siblings are shocked that Klaus is still alive. However the hybrid only focuses on his rage because he can’t make more of his kind. Bonnie and Jeremy still have to adjust to Elena’s new fate and hang out with each other, inflaming old feelings. After being threatened by Kol, Pastor Young is afraid that he and his loved ones are in real danger. Defending his family and the whole town he recruits a mysterious hunter, that makes clear how dangerous he is, immediately after entering town.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit


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