Once a life time ago there lived a girl who stole from the Mikaelsons.Back then the Mikaelsons were already vampires and the girl new this so she used revein.she thought she had gotten away but she was wrong,a week later the Mikaelsons found her and she new she should not had stolen from them she stole from the wrong people Edit

  • ==Klaus==
  • ==Elijah==
  • ==Kol==
  • ==Rebekah==

All three origanl vampires who were pissed off.she knew she was in danger but she could not do anything because she had been compelled to not move by Kol.She scram and scram but the origanals just fed on her blood,then Rebekah stoped and told her "you should not had stolen from us", once she had said these things she turned to her brothers and with a wicked smile on her face she said "shall we", and they started fedding on her again until there was no blood left.Once her blood was all drained they took her and buried her never to be found ever again.Edit

~~THE END~~Edit




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