Name: Danielle Mary Will

Nickname: Dan (like the short version of Danny)

Age: 17

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Height: 5'1"

Gender: Female

Creature: Human (for now...)


Dan is snappy and speaks with a thick Western accent. She hates being called Danielle and refers to herself in third person "Dan". EG: "Dan don't care, stupid. Shut up before Dan makes ya." She hates people thinking she looks fourteen and treating her like a kid or someone stupid. She can be a real bitch and snaps at people most of the time. She is only true friends with Elena but has a crush on Damon, or so we shall think.




Dan had a messed up childhood. She was born in Texas but her mother ran away from her abusive father to Mystic Falls when she was one year old. She grew up in Mystic Falls but when she was fourteen, her mother died of cancer. Due to her long friendship with her best friend, Elena Gilbert, she didn't want to go but had to. Dan had to move back to her current guardian, Aunt Jill, cause her father was in jail for stealing. Dan grew to love Aunt Jill but still wanted to return so Aunt Jill let Dan go back to Mystic Falls for the final year of highschool. She is staying with Elena Gilbert. Her story continues here as she falls in love with a vampire and finds her family: Just Somebody That I Used To Know

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