Cruel Lil Lullaby is written by User:Ominotago. No one can edit it but her.

It is about Adelaide Ah'Deraso, a vampire who is in fact mute. This is how she learns that even the softest lullabies are cruel, and she learns her own lullaby.

Chapter OneEdit

My feet pattered against the floor as I ran as fast as I can towards the forest. I didn't care that my feet were bloody and bruised, or that there were splinters and thorns in my feet as I kept running. All I cared about was getting away from them. Them.

They were the ones chasing me. I kept running. They kept chasing. As I crashed through the woods, I started dodging trees here and there. Every once and a while, I would change direction, hoping to trick them. But I could not. I heard them charging after me, a bullet barely missing my face. The urgent will to survive became stronger and I jumped up the closest tree and began jumping through the trees.

I heard them following me still, keeping their speed, only around ten meters behind me. Taking a risk, I swan dived from the tree I was in and rolled to my feet as I touched the ground. I started swirving more, confusing them. I knew I could only escape them with one thing...

My wings opened and I flew. I had turned into a raven. A lovely thing that came with being a vampire. Soaring into the sky, far above them, I could hear them yelling in rage and turning on each other. They were pitiful new vampires, destined to die early; I thought.

As I flew, I saw a small house and recongized it as my own. I started flying lower, landing on the roof. As I landed, my wings morphed to arms and my stick legs to pale, flesh ones. My red hair morphed from my tinted red-black feathers and soon I was human, in a short black dress.

"You're back...Where were you, Adelaide-a? I was waiting." I heard a voice sneer from behind me.

Behind me stood Adam. His blonde hair messy, in a natural and - as teenage girls would say - hot way. His blue eyes twinkled with anger, an odd thing. Adam was a vampire, like me. I was his Sire, the one who turned him. For I hoped to turn him into a body guard or servant or something. I glared at him, and shoved him off the roof before landing gracefully as I jumped off.

I don't really think I need to tell you where I was, Mr Burke. I have a life, or at least, an undead one, unlike you. I whispered in his mind.

"Whatever, ma'am. Dinner is inside." He said and I followed him inside.

Chapter TwoEdit

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