Changed is the first episode of the Fourth Season and the sixty-seventh episode in the series. (Fanfic by ShadowLian) To see the season summary again, click here.


EVERYTHING’S DIFFERENT – After the accident, Elena has to face everything she never wanted. Trying to get along with the idea of being a vampire she asks Caroline for advice. Meanwhile Stefan feels guilty, because he didn’t save Elena first. Damon takes his anger out on Matt, who can totally understand why the older Salvatore is in a rage. Jeremy doesn’t know what to think about it and spends time with Bonnie, trying to find a way to stop Elena’s transition. Unfortunately all her attempts seem to be unsuccesful. After Klaus’ supposed death, the Original siblings gather to think about how they want to go on with their lives, not knowing that their half-brother is already half way back into his body, leaving Tyler a bit confused. While everyone is busy with Elena’s transition, Pastor Young and the Town Council plan on to trapping every single vampire to make the town safe again.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit


  • main antagonists: Pastor Young and Sheriff's Deputies.
  • The Founder's Council now is called Town Council after Alaric revealed the secrets about the Founding Families.
  • The title refers to Elena turning into a vampire and the fact that now everything's changing.

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