Candace Accola "Caroline Forbes"

Caroline Forbes is an existing character in The Vampire Diaries. This page is dedicated to her character in Taylor Manton's version of Season 5.

Caroline ForbesEdit

Carline is a Vampire that has lived in Mystic Falls her entire life. She had a brief crush on Stefan Salvatore, and a small relationship-like co-existence with Damon Salvatore. She had a loving relationship with Matt Donovan, and is currently dating Tyler Lockwood.

Caroline's mother, Sheriff Forbes, was once a member of the Town Council, a group of Vampire Hunters.

Early LifeEdit

Caroline's father left her mother because of the fact that he was gay. She was raised alongside Bonnie Bennett and Elena Gilbert, as well as Matt and Tyler. When Stefan moved to town, she had a crush on him.

Caroline is a Vampire.


Human (Originally)

Vampire (Currently)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Graduation
Portrayed By Candice Accola
Family Forbes Family

Elizabeth Forbes

Bill Forbes


Damon Salvatore

Matt Donovan

Tyler Lockwood

Grouping Mystic Falls Gang
Died In Not Dead

The Vampire Diaries (Taylor Manton's)Edit

Season 5Edit

Caroline goes to Whitmore College, and stays there to keep Matt and Tyler safe from a psychotic Silas, who had threatened all of their friends.

During the Qetsiyah Saga, Qetsiyah herself comes to Whitmore, pretending to be Bonnie. Caroline sees through the facade, but is almost killed by the witch. Meredith is killed, after Carolin gave her blood to save her, putting her into transition. Qetsiyah, needing the blood of a powerful Werewolf and a powerful Vampire, decides that, instead of kidnapping Tyler, she makes Caroline pay even more by ripping out Tyler's heart. Caroline, Meredith and Matt returned to Mystic Falls for Tyler's funeral. Caroline leaves Mystic Falls and Whitmore soon after.

Bonnie calls her when she returns, learning that Caroline was in New Orleans with the Mikaelson siblings.

Season 6Edit


The Originals (Taylor Manton's)Edit

Season 1Edit

Caroline comes into The Originals at the end of the Mid-Season Finale. She arrives at the Mikaelson House just as Marcel is banished from New Orleans by Klaus. Marcel, remembering her from a picture Klaus showed her, attacked her. Caroline was almost killed by the enraged Vampire, but Klaus rushed forward and bit hard into Marcel's shoulder. The Vampire fled, screaming in pain. Caroline was picked up and taken inside by Klaus.

Caroline joins the war of New Orleans, joining with the Mikaelsons. She is attacked and possessed by Celeste DeBoise, after which she goes on a killing spree, attacking Witches and killing them, absorbing their magic. When Caroline is freed from Celeste and the Witch returns to The Other Side, all of the dead Witches, including Faith, returned.

Season 2Edit

Faith and Caroline say goodbye to the Mikaelsons as they get into the taxi that would take them to the train station, heading back fro Mystic Falls.


As a Human:

  • None

As a Vampire:

  • Advanced Speed
  • Advanced Strength
  • Advanced Agility
  • Advanced Senses
  • Fangs
  • Compulsion


As a Human:

  • None

As a Vampire:

  • Sunlight
  • Wooden Stake through the Heart
  • Heart Extraction
  • Beheading
  • Vervain
  • Werewolf Toxin
  • Fire

The Vampire Diaries WikiEdit


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