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Name: Aria Nolan

Age: Immortally 17

Creature: Vampire

Parents: Mary Nolan and James Nolan

Sire: Elijah


Aria is a sweet and kind girl. She always help the humans which are in trouble. She is calm and calculated in the moments of danger. She hates the vampires whose goal is to hurt humans and destroy the balance of nature. She is also sarcastic and charismatic.she is half witch and half werewolve


Aria has blonde hair described by some people as well as
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ears of wheat. She has blue eyes with small drops of golden color. She is always wearing her Lapis Lazuli ring which Elijah gave her.


Aria was an ordinary girl from a small village in the

year 1395. She met Elijah when he was passing through the village looking for someone. When Elijah and Aria for the first time they fell in love with each other. When he was going to speak with her about their relatioship, her parents said that Aria was very ill and will die soon. Elijah couldn't accept that so he turned her in a vampire. They lived happily, until Elijah was stabbed and put in the coffin of Klaus.In 1989 Elijah saw a ghost telling him to bring aria back so he forced a witch to bring her back .The witch had to to do what he said to her or evantually her sister was going to die .Aria was brought back from the other side by the witch Carly because she wasn't strong enough to bring her magic with her aria was going to die but this time no one can save or bring her back . So Elijah gave her her blood and killed her .So the witch thought t=she was dead so she put her in a cavn

Now she is living in Mystic Falls. She is a good friend
Damon, Elena and Stefan 2
with Elena, Damon, and Stefan.


Looking for happiness

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