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Anastasia 'Ana' Amelia Rosy Plums is a main fictional character in a fanfiction called Never Let Me Fall and A Drop In The Ocean by MysticGirl200. She is the second doppelgänger of Veronika Petrova and is a love interest for Stefan Salvatore. She is part of the Lockwood family, Petrova family and Gilbert family.

Biographical informationEdit


  • April 18th 1993 (17/18)


  • By Katherine Pierce in 2011


  • Undead


  • High school student (formally)
  • College student (Currently)


  • Human (originally)
  • Mantra (active)
  • Werewolf (inactive)
  • Petrova Doppelgänger (inactive)
  • Vampire (Niklaus' Bloodline)


  • Female

Family members:

  • Amara+ (Destant Maternal ancestor)
  • Tatia+ (Maternal ancestor)
  • Tatia's child+ (Maternal ancestor)
  • Alfifa+ (Paternal ancestor)
  • Katerina Petrova (Maternal ancestor)
  • Nadia Petrova (Maternal ancestor)
  • Nadia Petrova's child+ (Maternal ancestor)
  • Veronika Petrova (Paternal ancestor)
  • Ivalyo Petrova+ (Paternal ancestor)
  • Ivalyo Petrova's child+ (Paternal ancestor)
  • Amelia Manson+ (Parternal ancestor)
  • Gracy Manson+ (Paternal ancestor)
  • Gracy Manson's child+ (Paternal ancestor)
  • Mary Plums+ (Mother)
  • John Plums+ (Father)
  • Melissa Plums (sister)
  • Tyler Lockwood (cousin)
  • Elena Gilbert (cousin)
  • Jeremy Gilbert (cousin)
  • Isobel Flemming+ (Paternal Aunt)
  • Carol Lockwood+ (Maternal aunt)
  • James (uncle)
  • Unknown Grandparents+ (Maternal and Paternal)

Significant sires:

  • Melody Jackson/Bennett

Significant kills:

  • Elijah Mikealson(temporarily)
  • Connor Jordan
  • Melody Jackson/Bennett

Cause of death:

  • Broken neck

Killed by:

  • Katherine Pierce


  • Played by Demi Lovato

First seen: Before pilot/Pilot/Introduction chapter/Chapter 1/The Return

Last seen: Chapter 3/Original Sin

Early lifeEdit

What Ana looked like earlier in her life

Pokémon age 15 to Mystic Falls. She always wanted a little brother, which explains why she views her cousin, Tyler Lockwood as a 'brother she never had' in her eyes. Her older sister, Melissa, who's 7 years older than her is described as a careless, carefree, reckless, naive, young girl. But after the death of their parents due to a car crash, she had to take responsibility of her younger sister, Ana. Ana seemed to have a close relationship with her mother and considering her relationship and lack of interactions in flashbacks with her father, it is assumed their relationship was very strained. After her parents death, Ana turned into a season 1 Jeremy Gilbert. She may not have done drugs, but she simply blamed herself for her parents death and not warning them of her brief prediction of it.

Before/During Season OneEdit

In Mystic Falls, Ana immediately connected with Bonnie Bennett and Elena Gilbert, becoming the best of friends. Caroline Forbes was hardly considered one of Ana's 'best friends', but they stayed close and cared for each other. After being in Mystic Falls for a week, Bonnie announced to Ana that she felt a connection with her and stated she could be a Mantra, as she thought she was a Physic herself. Ana was in disbelief, but decided to 'play along' and agree she was right to not hurt her friends feels, only to realize a year later, Bonnie had been right. It has been stated and referred to a lot that she and Jeremy use to be in an intimate relationship together. It started when Ana turned 16 and lasted for 6 months. She stayed with him through everything and even tried to help him and Elena cope with the death of their parents, but he kept pushing her away. Ana later developed an interest in Elena's new boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore the first day they met, however she stayed loyal to her committed relationship with Jeremy and her friendship with Elena, and forced herself to think Stefan was just 'one of the guys'. After meeting Stefan, Ana soon realized her relationship with Jeremy was losing its spark. They broke up due to Jeremy cheating on her with Vicki Donovan.

In the Friday Night Bites episode, Ana was the first out of her friendship group (Bonnie, Elena, Caroline), who found out about vampires, but wasn't compelled like Caroline to know about it. The reasoning she found out was when Damon attacked her later that night after having dinner with Stefan, Elena, Bonnie and Caroline at the Gilbert house. Even in her moment of fear and panic, she still trusted Stefan to not hurt her like Damon did. Two weeks after finding out the truth and learning more about vampires from Stefan's knowledge and experience, Ana was more relaxed around him. From flashbacks, she was able to protect herself from vampires, by wearing vervain to carrying around easy accessable stakes. However, it seems she didn't know she could actually ingest the vervain to prevent mind compulsion, until later on.

There were brief mentions of a girl named Valerie, who looked a lot like Ana, but it was never explained much about her, except the fact that Valerie was a vampire, who should be in the tomb and was around the 1864 time period. Oddly enough, Ana shrugged the mention of her off, yet she became highly curious of Veronika/Amelia, who also looked exactly like her. It was later found out that Veronika/Amelia Petrova and Valerie Miller were the same person.

Season TwoEdit

During this season, Ana's feelings for Stefan developed more, but she did her best hiding them since he was still dating and madly in love with her best friend, Elena Gilbert. Ana then wanted to know more about Amelia, as she helped Elena with her Katherine situation. She and Katherine developed an Allie/hating relationship later on in the season, however, they had a bond together that made them feel like they were family, even though they both denied it many times. In this season, Ana also started activating her newfound powers and started questioning her family tree. She then asked Bonnie to help her track down her family tree to see what kind of powers she inherited over the years. She later found out her family tree went as far to Katherine's time and that she might now about the girl who looked exactly like Ana in her dreams, she assumed was Veronika/Amelia.

In the Masquerade episode/chapter, Damon was Ana's date to the ball, but abandoned her the minute they arrived to the Lockwood Mansion. Ana didn't know Damon and Stefan were trying to take out Katherine that night, which makes the statment in the beginning of the chapter false and both Elena and Ana didn't know about the 'plan' that night. Both Elena and Ana were linked to Katherine that night, so whatever happened to her happened to them also. Stefan gets the suspicsion Ana might have feelings for him, and realies he might feel the same way for her deep down also.

In Katerina, Ana destracted Stefan, by hanging out with him at the Grill, while Elena learns more about Klaus through Katherine, who's trapped in the tomb. It was also confirmed that Ana was the last one out of the group to know about Tyler activating his werewolf gene and that her friends neglected to 'inform' her about it.

In By The Light of The Moon, both Caroline and Ana help out Tyler during his first transformation into a werewolf.

In Rose, Ana finds out she has another power to track down people, by using her mind. She was the first to find out where Elena is abducted at and got to her first. This making Ana's abilites more advanced than others and almost more powerful than Bonnie, whose locater spell didn't work as fast as Ana's. Ana and Elena meet Elijah for the first time. And Damon confesses he's always felt something for Ana, but makes her forget knowing she doesn't feel the same way and never will.

On the 11th chapter, Rose dies and Ana developed an ability to get inside peoples dreams. When Damon gave Rose a dream that she was human and back in her old village, Ana came in, but stayed hidden in a field so they wouldn't notice her. She ended up growing attached to Rose emotionally in the end and grieved her mentally. While doing the waltz, Stefan and Ana almost kiss, but Ana intervenes the kiss by complimenting on Stefan's dance moves during the waltz. She was still trying to hide her feelings for him for Elena's sake.

Later in the chapters, it seems Ana is part of the sacrifice, but even though Klaus will become a hybrid with or without her, he still uses her for revenge. Both Elijah and Klaus had history with Veronika/Amelia. Klaus wanted revenge over Veronkia/Amelia, since she betrayed him. Since Ana was born with an unactive vampire gene in her, Klaus was able to effect her with his werewolf venom during the ritual. Ana was the first one to be cured of the werewolf bite, but was compelled to forget how she got cured. Ana also admits a startling truth to Stefan, long before she was cured by Klaus. In the last chapter of the season, Ana, Stefan and Klaus hit the road together to get him hybrids in exchange for Damon's werewolf bite cured and Katherine's freedom.

Season ThreeEdit

Ana leans more about Veronika/Amelia during the summer from Klaus. It turns out they had a pass together that also included Stefan and Klaus' baby sister, Rebekah. Rebekah and Veronika/Amelia were good friends, which is ironic since Rebekah and Ana ended up being nearly good friends also and were on good terms most of the season.

During some early chapters, Ana realizes just like last season, she's not controlling her powers well, but knows she's developing a darker side of herself that nobody sees, not even herself. This is proven correct when Gloria invades her vampire side, and she then attacks her, but blacks most of it out. Katherine then came in to stop her and killed Gloria herself. She fed Ana her blood to calm her down, once she saw she was losing her mind.

After going back to Mystic Falls, in less than 5 chapters this season, Stefan shut off his humanity and attacked both Elena and Ana. They both did all they could to bring him back, but nothing worked, even though they used different tatics most of the time.

In one of the chapters involving the ghost world, Ana meets the ghost of Veronika/Amelia for the first time. She also gets one more chance to see her parents again and made sure Melissa saw them too. Since they saw their parents it is assumed both their parents were supernatural and activated it; therefore, they ended up on the Other Side once they died. Once they said goodbye to their children, they moved on to afterlife like Jenna, since they no longer had any 'unfinished buisness' amoung the living. Ana later casted a spell on Melissa to make her tired and go to sleep and when she wakes up later on, she'll think seeing her parents again was all a dream.
What Ana wore to the Ball

In Dangerous Liasions, Ana went to the ball by herself, clueless about how Esther was planning the Original vampires death by using Elena's blood that night. Stefan was on duty to keep Damon away from Elena and Esther at all times. Rebekah then came up with an idea to thank Ana for helping her greive her mother's death, which she found out Klaus had caused instead of Mikeal chapters ago, by getting her laid that night. She compelled Ana to go along with it and Stefan to have more of his humanity again. She made them play a friendly game of 7 minutes in heaven, which lead them to have their first kiss. Instead of stopping there, as Rebekah thought, they ended up sleeping together.

The chapter after that, Rebekah's compulsion on Stefan wore off and he lost his humanity again. However, he was well aware what he and Ana did at the ball. Ana was then informed by the gang what they were planning to do to the Original family. She agreed to pitch in, even though a part of her didn't want to kill Rebekah, Elijah and maybe even Kol. The only person she wanted dead was Klaus. Stefan is shown to be heartless and cold towards Ana on purpose, and tells her to not tell anyone, especially Elena, of what happened between them at the Mikealson ball.

Later on, Ana goes on a road trip with Damon and Elena to Denver to bring Jeremy back to Mystic Falls, after Damon compelled him away and Ana had once protested against it once she found out about it in earlier chapters. She runs into trouble with some hunters, who are trying to kill off everyone in Veronika/Amelia's bloodline. However, nobody but Ana seems to question and have the urge to know more about it. Ana also ends up telling Jeremy  what happened to her at the Mikealson ball, but doesn't reveal it was Stefan she slept with. She also finds out a startling revulation on her parents death and how Damon was involved in it, causing their friendship to end. It's also confirmed that after living in Mystic Falls, Ana no longer feels the need to go back to her original home in Denver where it's 'safe'.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Ana still was oblivous of what was going down that night, but after following Jeremy, she realized Alaric was going crazy due to the Gilbert ring. Ana did her best to stay out of the mess and try to have a normal night without getting caught up in the supernatural world for once, but fails miserably when Bonnie askes her for help in locating where Elena was, since Esther took her. It was the secound time Ana meet Esther, since the Mikealson ball, but the first time she actually talked to her. Ana ended up activating her witch powers, which came to the price of constant black outs, fainting, and bleeding through the nose. Near the end of the chapter, Stefan confronts Ana again, now that he has his humanity again. The confrontation ends up turning into their second shared kiss, only this time none of them are compelled and are doing it with their free will.

In Departed, everything in this episode happened, only Ana was with Damon at the unit storage and ended up slightly forgiving him for the death of her parents. She, as well as everyone, was shocked to realize Elena was going to be a vampire.

Season FourEdit

A lot happened in this season. Ana kept her distance from Elena, but still helped her through her tough time. In the Growing Pains, Stefan, Rebekah, Elena and Ana all end up locked in cages despite the fact Ana wasn't a vampire. She also ended up feeding Elena her blood, since she was close to her cage and could break her bones in her arm enough to slip through the cell bars for Elena to reach. Ana ended up healing on her own, due to her vampire side and could easliy break her bones in place due to her werewolf die. But ironically, because of her human side it was going to hurt her a LOT. Stefan ended up staying behind helping break her bones in place and making sure she didn't scream.

In the Memorial, Ana meets the hunter for the first time, but didn't know it. Yet. She also let go completely of her parents death offically in the end of this chapter and finally decided to move on.

In chapter 40, it's said that Amelia is still able to interact with the world, only through her dop
Amelia possesing Ana
pelganger. Long story short, Amelia ends up possesing Ana's body to help Stefan with his 'problems' but mainly help him know more about the mystery hunter that came to town. It's the first chapter for Ana to be breifly in it and completly Amelia centric through her point of view. Amelia soon goes back to the Other Side, freeing Ana from a mental block trance in the end.

In chapter 41, Ana soon goes to confront her fears towards the hunter. She talks to him for the first time, while he holds Jeremy, April Young, and Matt Donovan hostage, and later possibly her. This chapter also marks both Elena and Ana's first kill. Ana's first kill was daggering Elijah, but it was only temporaily. Killing Connor the hunter was permenantly and took a great toll on her, since she'd never kill a human being before and realized she let her darker side get the best of her again.

In the next chapter, the hunter curse effects her due to her vampire gene, but it strangley enough was much worse than Elena's, yet it wasn't enough to make Ana feel suicidal like Elena did. It only lasted one chapter.

In the Afterschool Special/Catch Me If You Can, there was another time jump, and Ana is grieving the death of her Aunt Carol, whose death was caused by a revengeful Klaus. Ana tried her best to comfrot Tyler, knowing how it feels to lose both parents, but decides to give him space in his time of need, while his girlfriend, Caroline, does the exact opposite and tries to get through to him. Ana's sister, Melissa is also shown being friends with Monica, the local lawyer in town, and has been feeding her hints that something strange was going on with this town. That it was infested with supernaturals. Melissa was in denial, but did question her sister briefly on the matter. Ana then had no choice, but to tell Melissa the truth about the supernaturals. This episode also marks the start of Stefan and Ana's relationship (Their ship name known as: Stefana.), once Stefan admits he loves her face to face.
Stefan and Ana kiss

In the next chapter, it shows the start of their relationship together. Ana seems to be insecure in her relationship when she receives an accidental text from Rebekah, which was orignally suppose to be sent to Elena to provoke her, saying she and Stefan 'hooked up', even though it was obviously false. At the end of this chapter, Damon spills the beans about Stefan and Ana, and everyone (namely Bonnie, Jeremy and Elena,) end up knowing about their relationship and past affairs.

In Into the Wild, Ana goes off to Nova Scotia with Stefan, since she was also very important and was the following key to the cure, as Professer Atticus Shane told them before. In this chapter it is offically confirmed that Elena and Ana are cousins, making Jeremy Ana's cousin as well, since he's also Elena's. It also confirms that Veronika/Amelia and Katherine Pierce are sisters. Also Atticus Shane steals Ana's necklace, as well as kidnap Jeremy and Bonnie. The necklace Shane took, hasnesses the power of Ana's family tree, dead or living, wheter they wore it or not and were part of the family, blood related or just name wise. Ana stated in this chapter there was a 50/50 percent chance she'd make it out alive if Bonnie activated the necklace by using expression. In the next chapter Down the Rabbit Hole, that's like a 'to be continued', it seems that Ana survived, when Bonnie activated the necklace while getting rid of Jeremy's hunter tattoo. In this chapter, Ana tries to make amends with Elena, knowing she wasn't too happy with Stefan and Ana being in a romantic relationship much. The chapter also marks a new era and storyline for Ana's sister, Melissa, who ends up activating her witch gene while Bonnie was accessing through the family tree through Ana's stolen necklace. As on the episode, Katherine returns and feeds Jeremy to Silas, where he ends up getting killed. The only twist is Katherine ends up kidnapping Ana.

In Bring It On, the chapter starts at the end of the episode. Ana has been missing for 3 days and Elena had already turned off her humanity. Ana soon returns to town, but doesn't remember what happened to her while she was gone. The next day, making it the Because of the Night episode,both Ana and Stefan receive a shocking
Katherine and Ana
revulation, and
Ana as a vampire
that Ana is now a vampire. During the whole chapter, Ana tries to cope with the fact she's 'dead' and will become on of the 'bloodsuckers' soon. Either that or die, again, permenantly. Ana gets flashbacks of what happened to her during her abduction. It's offically confirmed that Katherine killed and turned her. Bonnie ended up helping Ana complete her transtion by giving her her blood. The next chapter was mainly a flashback chapter that lead to be a Melissa centric chapter. It's said that Melissa was one of the 12 witches during the ritual for Silas. None of the witches knew about it. After Caroline killed them all, due to the link spell, Stefan quickly force fed Melissa his blood to heal her from dying, but acciedentally turned her instead. Veronika/Amelia also is seen coming back from the dead, after all the witches die. Melissa realizes she values her life so much, she doesn't want to complete her transition. Stefan later tells Ana, Melissa's running out of time. They say their last goodbye. At that point, Ana breaks down and leaves Mystic Falls. She goes to Pennsylivania to see Katherine just to confirm a theory she thou
Ana enjoying her first day with no humanity
ght of. She nearly begs Katherine to tell her to turn it off. When it happeneds, it is confirmed that Ana is sired to Katherine.

The Prom episode, Pictures of You, marks Ana's 18th birthday which makes it on April 18th,(the same day the episode aired). Ana attacks someone at prom, but it's the first time she doesn't use compulsion on her like she did on her past victims in Pennsylivania. Ana eventually gets her humanity accidentally flipped on when she catches Stefan having a moment with emotionless Elena during a slow dance. Damon is the first one to confront her and help her through her 'emotional humanity' phase, now that she could feel again. Silas pretends to be both Damon and Ana to lure Stefan into the woods, only to fool him. He then does the same with Ana and Damon, but uses mind manupulation to make her forget most of their conversation.

Chapter 55, is an Amelia backstory centric chapter, due to the Author's dislike of the Original's Pilot in The Vampire Diaries.

In She's Come Undone, it's been announced that Damon and Ana had kissed twice before. The second kiss was unknown about, until now. Elena hears about it and dumps it down on Stefan, while they were trying to make her feel, through torture. Elena then makes Ana feel weak and inscure of her relationship with Stefan again, by making it sound as if she was nothing but his rebound. After all that is said, Ana decides even though Elena didn't mean most of the things she said, it still hurt her and she'll have to wait a minute until she can forgive her fully and be her friend again. Melody Jackson, the girl Ana attacked at prom, suddenly moves into the Boarding house to be Ana's personal bloodbag, then is told about everything about the supernaturals by Ana herself. It's also announced to the Salvatore's that Ana is sired to Katherine and that Bonnie and Melody were half- sisters, due to their mother Abby having an a affair a year after Bonnie was born.

In Walking Dead, Katherine, Bonnie, Melody and Ana become linked and spend the rest of the day trying the bring the veil down. They needed Katherine's help with the tombstone and Ana's supernatural blood to perform the spell. Once the veil goes down, Jeremy and Melissa appear, as well as Kol, whose neck Melissa snapped temporaily for a moment. Ana finally has a family reunion, (mainly with her cousins, Elena and Jeremy, and her sister, Melissa). Melissa soon decides she's okay with wanting to become a vampire now and feeds off the school nurse to complete her transition. After Bonnie dies from trying to perform a spell to bring both Jeremy and Melissa back for Elena and Ana, Melody snaps from losing another member of her family, then commits suicide by stabbing herself in the chest, forgetting that she had absorbed Ana's supernatural blood (which was still vampire blood), in her system.

In the Graduation episode, Melody wakes up in transition and is Ana's first sire, even though she didn't turn her on her own or on purpose. Going back to the Boarding house, Melody immediatley tells Ana about Bonnie's death and how she turned herself into a vampire using her blood by acciedent, making Ana the fourth person (other than Grams, Bonnie and Melody,) to find out about Bonnie's sudden death. Melody makes sure Ana swears to not tell anyone about Bonnie's death. Ana will once again have to grieve for someone mentally (like she did Rose in season 2). Melody then helps make Melissa her first daylight ring, (making both members of the Plums family having daylight rings made by a Bennett witch; Ana's made by Bonnie and Melissa's made by Melody.) Stefan soon makes a confession to Ana, on how he expects he and Ana will be married later in the future, since they are vampires. Ana decided not to answer the the question, but admits she'll consider the proposal. After Graduation, Melody completes her transition, by feeding off her boyfriend, Jack, who willingly let her feed from him. Even though Damon's in love with Elena, he stills have a soft spot for Melissa and since Bonnie brought both Jeremy and Melissa back to life, he may develop feelings for her again and may try his best to make a decision with his consious. Either to be with Elena or Melissa......Same for Stefan with Elena or Ana. In the end there's a sneak peek of a new character no one's heard about, who's also going to Whitmore College and will play a role in Ana's life. Whether to change it for the better or worse.

Season 5Edit


What Ana looked like earlier in her life
As a human, Ana would come off as chirpy, caring, fun, loyal, and sometimes say random things when she's excited or doesn't take situations seriously. After her parents death from flashbacks, she seemed depressed, bleak, stressful, and no longer cared about anything while she was grieving. When moving to Mystic Falls and meeting Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes, her personality changed for the better. She became delightful to be around and extremely perky. At age 16, not much was known about what she was like in her first romantic relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, other than she was very happy with him and had a hard time recovering from their breakup, even though she 'moved on' from him in less than a week and used Stefan Salvatore as a distraction for her mutual interest. After realizing she had feelings for Stefan Salvatore, Ana tended to come off as awkward around him, friendly, random, and confused about her own feelings. She also felt jealousy and anger towards Elena for having Stefan, yet she did her best to hide it, block it out, and not think about it. However, one time she got so jealous she almost picked up a pebble and threw it at Elena, once she caught her kissing Stefan. Luckily, Damon's interference,  snapped her back to reality and made her remember this was her friend she was trying to hurt, and immediately backed off before she could do something she would regret. Ana at times could also be selfless, making sure her friends were happy, even if she wasn't. When she's upset at someone, she usally emotionally cut off that person until she's able to confront them later. She tends to be the most vunerable one out of the group, but covers herself up with a protective facade, though deep down she's just a girl who craves a normal life sometimes. In Season 4, when she's finally in a relationship with Stefan, she came off insecure about it. Once when emotionless Elena teased her about being Stefan's rebound and that no one could ever love her, Ana's insecurity increased, even though she tried her best to block her out. Because of Stefan's past relationship with Elena, Ana sometimes finds it hard to believe he could really love her, after being so madly in love with Elena.

"Of course you're scared of me, Ana you've always been scared of me. That's why you were so weak and useless as human. You were nothing. And you're still nothing even now."- Emotionless Elena to Ana, in chapter 55; She's Come Undone.

As a vampire, Ana saw the world in a different light. She felt more alive and free.
Ana as a vampire
In the Graduation episode, she also stated twice that if she had to choose between taking the cure and become human again or staying a vampire, she'd always end up picking being a vampire. As an emotionless vampire, Ana turned into a Katherine 2.0. She enjoyed the thrill of feeding off the vein of people directly and using her newfound powers (like compulsion, speed, and strength). She seemed careless and carefree and only wanted to have fun and party.
Ana enjoying her first day with no humanity
In Pennsylivania, Katherine and Ana seemed to enjoy each others company, despite the fact Katherine turned Ana against her will. Even without her humanity, she was still sired to Katherine. Later on in chapters, it was annouced that Katherine never really turned Ana's humanity off, just half of it, which explains why she acted careless, yet stayed loyal towards Katherine. Unlike Elena, Ana was still able to feel certain emotions such as happiness, being cocky, emptiness (which some people develop if they're sad or depressed), and curiousity. But since Ana's humanity wasn't completely off, it's assumed that's why she was still able to enact certain emotions.

Physical AppearancesEdit

Season 1 Ana

Season 1 Ana

Ana is a young, beautiful, attractive, Italian, Russian, and Canadian decendent. She's written to have pure blue eyes, despite the fact the woman who potraits her has brown eyes instead. She has raven black hair, that looks brown in some lights. Her hair was originally light brown in Season 1, yet turned very dark in Season 2. She has pink rosy lips, and also natural rosy cheeks, that become very rosy when she blushes. She has flawless fair light skin and during Season 2 was about 5'6 in height, but got a major growth spurt and reached up to Stefan's height in late Season 3, mainly during Season 4.  Ana's fashion sense changed drastically during the series.
Season 2 Ana

Season 2 Ana

During Season 1, she normally wore bright colors. After her parents death, she went through an emo phase and wore normally darker colors like black and grey with jeans. The first time she ever wore a dress after her parents death, was when she was moving to Mystic Falls, and the dress was a mixture of subtle light and darker colors. Once in Mystic Falls, Ana got out of her emo phase and went back to wearing lighter colors again, but was constantly shown wearing jeans more so than dresses, like she use to before her parents death.

In Season 2, Ana's style didn't change much, but she started having interesting, yet paculiar taste in clothing. She'd match odd colors together, but make them work with accessories and others. She later became interested in wearing sandals and wore them a lot through out the season. She also wore more hats in this season and started wearing subtle light clothing, but it wasn't as light as she wore during Season 1.

Throughout Season 3, Ana started wearing formal outfits when going to classy parties and balls. The outfits she picked had a mutual color to it and fitted the crowd around her.
Season 3 Ana

Season 3 Ana

When returning back to Mystic Falls after going on a Hybrid hunting search with Stefan and Klaus, Ana ended up wearing more mutual colors that were in between a lighter and darker shade. She'd place her hair in braids, ponytails, dutch braids, and even darling braids in some chapters. She also started wearing a personal jogging outfit that was navy blue with matching jeans and a headband. In Season 2, it had been stated that Ana had always had curly hair that fell slightly over her bra strap. Later, Ana started having wavy hair. In her flashbacks in Season 1, her hair tended to be both curly or plain straight with a body on some occasions.

In Season 4, her style didn't change, but she started wearing more jeans and jackets more often. Such as leather jackets, subtle light colored jackets, and small jackets for parties. After becoming a vampire, plus turning her humanity off, she went through a gothic phase, and wore nearly only black clothing. Even at prom, she wore a greyish dress that still screamed goth.

Season 4 Ana

Season 4 Ana

When her humanity flipped back on, she started wearing other darker clothing, other than just black. She had a wide collection of outfit colors she usally wore which would include red, purple, pink, brown, black, grey, brunt orange and dark blue. Her hair was mostly in ponytails near the ending chapters of this season.

Even her makeup changed over the years. In Season 1, she use to constantly wear light eyeshadow and lipgloss every time she was outside or at school. She may have had light skin, but she always made sure it never became dreadfully pale. 
Ana with makeup

Ana with makeup

Ana without makeup

Ana without makeup

In Season 2, she still continued her habit of wearing light eyeshadow, such as purple or blue, outdoors and some pinkish red lipgloss or lipstick. Near the ending of Season 2, Ana's skin started becoming sickly pale, almost paler than the vampires in her life. After leaving Mystic Falls with Stefan and Klaus in Season 3, Ana started tanning back to her old self again and was no longer dreadfully pale. However, her tan was more noticeable in Season 3 than it was in mid Season 2. In Season 3, Ana started wearing darker makeup, such as dark purple for eyeshadows or red lipsticks for classy parties. She never once wore powder, expect for brief blush powder on certain occasions. In Season 4, she started wearing lesser makeup to the point of wearing no makeup at all. Once she became a vampire, she became slightly pale, but started regaining her natural color the more she fed from the vein of humans. She started wearing brownish highlights to her hair and no longer wore makeup throughout the rest of the ending of Season 4, unless for brief special occasions.


Melissa B. Plums

Ana and Melissa

Ana and Melissa

"I'll see you again. Remember you can still see ghosts." - Melissa to Ana in chapter 57; the Graduation.

Main article:  Ana and Melissa

The relationship between Melissa and Ana wasn't very close until after the death of their parents. From Ana's point of view at a young age, she and Melissa use to fight a lot constantly over little things and would give each other the silent treatment for days, until their mother forced them to make up. Melissa always wanted the best for Ana and thought moving away from Denver would do her good. Once she got a job opportunity in Virginia, she took it and moved to Mystic Falls with Ana as soon as possible, knowing this would give them both a 'fresh start' in life. Ana was the first to know about vampires and never told Melissa about it, thinking it was the only way to protect her. However, it only made their relationship even more strained and distant than ever. During Season 2, it was stated Melissa and Jenna Sommers were close friends, which could add up more strainage to Ana's relationship to her sister, since Elena was giving her aunt Jenna the same treatment in not telling her about vampires as well. Keeping the supernatural world a secret from Melissa was very hard. It didn't help at all when Ana found out Damon was dating Melissa as a form of distraction from his feelings towards Elena. Ana did her best to keep Melissa away from Damon as possible, by making sure she was busy at work and having sister bonding moments with her for about 2 months. She also placed Melissa one vervain 2 months after a fire broke out at the Grill and Melissa found out Stefan was a vampire, when he fed her his blood in order to heal her injuries. He later compelled her to forget what happened at the Grill with permission from Ana. When Melissa got attacked again in later chapters, by Damon, Ana once again asked Stefan to earse her memory of what happened later that day, before she could start freaking out. In Season 3, Melissa nearly died from a fall, but thanks to Ana's witch gene, she was able to make a resurrection spell in her head, by thinking about how Melissa saved her life once and she so badly wanted to save hers. Damon later broke up with her, by compelling her to forget they were even together to start with and to think Ana was at a summer camp, when really she was with Klaus and Stefan the whole summer. In Season 4, Melissa befriended a female lawyer named, Monica, who had suspicion on this town called Mystic Falls. Because of that, Melissa became closer to the counsil group and realized they weren't being completely honest with their citizens and that the town they all lived in had a dark secret. After questioning her sister about it, Ana had no choice but to tell Melissa the truth about vampires. Just like Ana, even in her moment of panic, she calmly promised not to tell anyone about the truth of vampires living among them. Melissa was even partly okay with Ana dating a vampire and being friends with other supernaturals as long as they don't harm her in any way. When Melissa died, due to being one of the 12 witches in Silas' last massacre, her magic was the only thing helping her cheat death for a few more seconds. She was about to drift off, until Stefan force fed her his blood to heal her, but she accidentally died with it in her system. Realizing it when she first woke up, she admitted to Stefan she was a horrible guardian and that Ana was better off without her. When she refused to complete her transition, Ana and Melissa said their goodbyes, before she drifted off. It's because of Melissa's death, that made Ana snap and turn her humanity off, with help of Katherine Pierce. When the veil went down, Ana and Melissa were reunited once again, and this time Melissa finished her transtion into a vampire. They said their last goodbyes in the Graduation, but Ana, however, doesn't know Bonnie brought Jeremy and Melissa back to life, while she was helping Stefan dump Silas' body at the Quarry.


Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy and Ana

Jeremy and Ana

"Ana.....just because we broke up doesn't mean I don't care about you anymore. I always had and I always will no matter what."- Jeremy to Ana in chapter 35; Do Not Go Gentle.

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Jeremy and Ana once use to be in a romantic relationship when Ana first turned 16. They dated for 6 months. Ana was there for Jeremy during his toughest time for when his parents first died, but he kept brushing her off. Their relationship became strained due to that and the fact, Jeremy may have gotten tired of waiting for Ana and decided to sleep with Vicki Donovan instead, causing the two to have an affair. Once Ana found out, the couple offically called a quits. During Season 1 - Season 2 they had avoided each other and tried to interact with each other as little as possible. Jeremy took avoiding her on a different level, while Ana slowly but surely just wanted to forget the past and just try to be good friends. In Season 3, they ended up letting go of the past and became close friends. They still cared about each other, and finding out they were cousins in Into the Wild, probably was going to give them a stronger bond. Sadly, Jeremy was killed on the Island, before they could start their relationship labelled as a family. Jeremy's death hurt Ana, causing her to grieve, which didn't last long when she found out she was now a vampire in transition, which was the only major thing she could think of at the moment. Ana was glad Jeremy came back when the veil went down in the Walking Dead, and had a brief family reunion with him and Melissa.


Stefan Salvatore
Stefan and Ana

Stefan and Ana

"Okay then. Take all the time you need. I'll wait for you in a few days, or weeks, or months, or years, or maybe even a century. Cause since we're vampires, all we have left is time." - Stefan to Ana in chapter 57; the Graduation.

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Stefan and Ana started out as good friends and were always on good terms. When the day came and Ana found out about vampires, Stefan was the only one she could trust and talk to about it. After a good 2 weeks of convincing, Ana knew for sure Stefan could be trusted around her friends and wouldn't hurt any of them, herself, included. Since day one, Ana had always felt drawned to Stefan somehow and found him very attractive. Later on, she soon found herself falling for him and did her best to keep it a secret thinking it would just go away if she ignored the nagging feeling. However, it only grew stronger the more she denied it. Over the series it had been hinted at back and forth that Ana may have deep feelings for Stefan by Katherine Pierce, Damon Salvatore, Klaus Mikealson, Kol Mikealson, Rebekah Mikealson, Veronika/Amelia Petrova and Isobel Flemming. In Season 2, Ana's feelings for him developed stronger to the point of her trying to cut him off her life, so her friend, Elena could be happy with him, but she kept failing at it repeatedly. In Season 3, she stuck by him through his toughest time and tried all she could to to turn his humanity back on. Later in Dangerous Liasions, Stefan and Ana are compelled at the Mikealson ball by Rebekah to play 7 Minutes In Heaven. The game is to either kiss or have sex. That night, Ana admits her feelings to Stefan for the first time out loud, which leads them to their first shared kissed together and sex. However, on the next chapter Stefan believes everything they said and done to each other during the game, they were probably compelled to do making him believe Ana's confession was a joke and that she probably didn't have feelings for him. He then comes off cold and heartless towards her on purpose to know there's no redeeming quality in him and he still has no humanity at all and informs her not to tell anyone, including Elena, of what went down between them at the Mikealson ball and to just 'forget it ever happened'. In Do Not Go Gentle in later chapters, Stefan confronts Ana again and informs her he know has his humanity back and apologizes on how rude he came off to her during their last interaction. However, during the confrontation Ana loses it and started to kiss him. When Stefan kisses her back, he realizes they were not compelled to kiss this time and that Ana's feelings for him must have been real as well. In Season 4, Ana and Stefan did their best to not think of or bring up what happened at the Mikealson ball, yet they can't help but think of their personal private awkward situation that only they know of. In chapter 41, after Ana and Elena killed off Connor Jordan and they have the suspicion Stefan is hiding something, this chapter then marks the first time Ana actually considers the thought of not trusting Stefan this time for a moment. This season is also offically the start of Stefan and Ana's romantic relationship, starting on chapter 45.  On the next chapter, it shows how insecure Ana is of their relationship, despite how many times Stefan declared he was in love with her. Even when Emotionless Elena stated she was a rebound for Stefan and was nothing more than that, it made Ana even more mentally uncertain of their relationship. As a vampire, Stefan tried his best to help her, but after Ana left Mystic Falls to convince Katherine to turn her humanity off, Stefan decided to give up and give her space and time, believing she would come to her senses and turn her humanity back on on her own. Due to her jealousy and insecurity towards Elena, Ana eventually flipped her switch at prom when she saw Stefan having a moment with her on the dancefloor. In Graduation, despite the fact their romantic relationship hasn't lasted long or has developed enough, Stefan still feels that one day in the future they could possibly get engaged and get married. Ana never thought of this and is debating whether she should accept or decline his early unofficial proposal.


Caroline Forbes
Caroline and Ana

Caroline and Ana

"Why the hell are you calling me?! I'm busy fixing up 3 prom committees! This better be life or death! or...Tyler."- Caroline (on the phone) to emotionless Ana in chapter 51.

Main Article: Caroline and Ana

The relationship between Caroline and Ana wasn't all 'Sunshine and Rainbows' to begin with. Ana easily became best friends with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett with no problem, however Caroline was almost an entirely different story. They stayed close and cared for one another even though they weren't labelled as BFFs. In flashbacks during Season 1, it seems that Ana was really the only one to stand up for Caroline and put Kelly Donovan in her place, when she was making Caroline feel fake and small. When Ana was accidentally set up on a blind date with Caroline's ex, Jackson, things took a turn for the wrost. However, when the desicion came to either date Jackson, but try to avoid Caroline constantly, since Jackson was still madly in love with her, but wanted to move on with Ana, since he liked her a lot, or dump him and possibly stay single for a long while. To Ana it was a tricked question and she immediatly turned down Jackson's offer, saying they were 'over'. During Season 2, their friendship started to develop more slowly. After finding out Caroline was now a newly turned vampire, Ana felt bad for her, knowing she was there the night Katherine Pierce killed her, but was asleep in the hospital room during the time she was killed. Ana was also relieved chapters later to know she wasn't the only one supporting Tyler during his first full moon and that Caroline was helping out too. In chapter 12, when both Caroline and Ana get abducted by a gang of werewolves and are placed in cages, being tortured to death as leverage, Ana trash talks their torturer on purpose to gain his attention. He ends up getting her out of the cage to beat her, but Ana starts fighting him off strongly with a 1 minute start as he was caught off guard. But he eventually got a hold on her and beat her up badly as punishment. Ana went through all that, just so he could stop shooting wooden bullets at and torturing Caroline. In chapter 12, it was also confirmed that Ana hated, despised, and disliked all girls Tyler ever dated, hooked up with or showed them any interest. Because of this, Tyler asked Ana how she would feel about him possibly dating Caroline in the future, since he was really starting to fall for her. Ana stated she never really hated or disliked Caroline and said she would be cool with them dating in the future, which they later did in Season 3. Ana also told Caroline to at least keep an open mind about being in a relationship with Tyler, long before they got abducted in the same chapter. In Season 3, they barley interracted at all, except for Caroline's birthday. Same goes for Season 4, except for a few brief scenes. In the Graduation, Ana finally referred Caroline as a 'friend' instead of a 'close friend' like she always labelled her as throughout the whole season 1 - 4.


Damon Salvatore
Damon and Ana drunk at the Grill

Damon and Ana drunk at the Grill X3

"She'll be fine. I mean come on...It's Ana we're talking about. She'll break through eventually." Damon talking about emotionless Ana to Stefan in chapter 50.

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Damon and Ana had the most complicated relationship out of everyone else's. It all started since the first day they met. In Friday Night Bites, Ana had a suspicion something wasn't right about Damon, but after introducing himself and acting nice towards her, Ana's suspicion almost desolved, until he attacked her later that night trying to feed off her while she was leaving the school library. Stefan heard her scream for help and did his best to fight off Damon. Eventually, Damon backed off and left to go get a different victim. Since Stefan's mind compulsion didn't work too well due to his animal diet, Stefan had no choice but to explain to her the truth about vampires. Ana then became very alert and feared Damon's wrath. Once when Bonnie's ancestor Emily possessed her and tried to destory a charmed necklace that Damon needed to free Katherine out of the tomb, he became very revengful and attacked Bonnie. Alert and as if on instinct, Ana sprayed vervain on him as he attacked Bonnie. Out of anger and frustration, Damon then snapped Ana's neck, but due to her witch gene powers helping her cheat death for a few moments, Stefan was able to reach her and feed her his blood. She healed quickly and was fine afterwards. Later at the 50's dance, Ana simply refused to dance with Damon, no matter how much he begged her and slightly apologized for what happened between them on their last encounter. Ana eventually gave in, seeing no point in just standing near the punch ball watching other people have fun the whole night. They agreed to share one dance, but litterally almost danced the night away forgetting for a moment, Damon had tried to kill her not too long ago. After a while at the dance, Ana, Elena, Damon and Stefan ended up being in an allience to help Damon free Katherine from the tomb in exchange for him to live happily ever after with her and leave Mystic Falls. But little did Damon know, Elena and Stefan were double-crossing him, while Ana wanted no part of it and simply only drove them to where the Salvatore brother's father was buried. Damon was hurt to see them not trust him and simply stated he would turn Ana into a vampire, if they didn't give him Gisuseppe Salvatore's journal. In exchange for Ana's life and safety, they gave him the journal, leaving Ana to be safe and sound by the end of the flashback and nearly scarred for life at how terrofying death is. When lowering the walls over the tomb, Damon took both Elena and Ana with him a leverage in case the Bennett witches decided to double-cross him while he was in there. He immediatly abandoned them to look for Katherine, leaving them to fend for themselves. After finding out Katherine wasn't in the tomb to begin with and never cared about Damon, despite how he abandoned her in a underground room full off dessicated vampires, Ana still was there for Damon and told him to move on from Katherine and that she wasn't worth. She assumed Damon barley listened to her, but in Season 2, he confirmed that he did in fact listen to her. In Season 2, Ana still didn't like Damon, considering his past actions towards her and her friends, however when Elena asked Ana to at least try to get along with him for one day as they went off to Duke University Damon actually saved her life when Vanessa fired an arrow at her and Elena. Near the end of the chapter, they agreed to start over and try to be on good terms. In Kill or Be Killed, Ana states that she's been to the Salvatore Boarding house so many times, its become a second home for her and that the Salvatore's don't mind her dropping by. In the same chapter, Ana somehow gets depressed after helping save Stefan and Damon from getting killed by Sherieff Forbes only to later catch Elena kiss Stefan in the end. Because of this, she needs a distraction and calls Damon to meet her at the Grill. They end up drunk at the Grill and actually have fun. Ana, not sure intentionally or not, told Damon about how she was falling for Stefan and how she was so confused not knowing what to do. Damon simply got her more drunk than usual and took her mind off it. By the end of the night, they accidentally kiss and Damon compels her to forget the rest of the night after getting drunk. In Plan B, it has been confirmed that while she was drunk, Ana asked Damon to take her to the Masquerade ball and instead of declining the offer knowing she was drunk that day she still went with him to the ball. Once again he abandoned her at the ball, getting caught up and busy trying to take out Katherine that night. He even said sarcastically how smart she was becoming by figuring things out herself since she knew nothing of their plan that night but knew it had something to do with Katherine. Later after Stefan and Damon saved Ana and Elena from getting turned over to Elijah by Rose, Damon confesses to Ana that night that he's always felt something for her and cared about her. He then kisses her on emotion and later compels her to forget the night, confession and kiss and makes her swear to wear a vervain bracelet everyday. In later chapters, Ana is displeased that her sister, Melissa is dating Damon and warns him to not hurt her or use her as a mindless puppet, or else she'll make him 'regret the day they met'. In chapter 17, it was later found out near the end that both Damon and Ana faked Bonnie's death to fool Klaus into thinking he actually killed her. In chapter 18, there's a flashback that shows Damon briefly teaching Ana a spell to use on Klaus that night, which Ana practiced on Damon and succeeded with for being a quick learner. Damon had faith that night that she could perform the spell. In chapter 19, when Damon attacks Melissa because he's upset everyone's against him and repeatedly warned her to leave him alone, which she refused to follow order of, Ana gets upset. The anger she feels towards Damon triggers a memory in her head on how he forced her to wear the vervain bracelet. Not sure how to process it all, Ana then drifts away from Damon and gives him the brief 'slient treatment', until they can fix their broken relationship. In chapter 20, it was nearly the last straw for Ana when she found out Damon force fed Elena his blood the day of the ritual. Yet despite it all, she ended up forgiving him in chapter 21, when she thought he was going to die from a werewolf bite. In Season 3, not much was explored in their relationship much, however in chapter 34 it had been offically stated that Damon actually murdered her parents and that they never died from a car crash to begin with, which makes sense to Ana on how they lost so much blood after their death. Damon's gulity for his past actions and admitted if he had known they were her parents he would have spared them, but Ana simply doesn't take his excuse and their friendship is offically over by the end of this chapter. By 2 chapters later Ana ends up forgiving Damon stating that if Damon hadn't killed her parents, she knew they were somehow going to end up dead at some point of her life, she had a feeling of it. It's also confirmed that Veronika/Amelia use to be friends with Damon back in 1864, and that ironically his relationship with Ana mirrored the one he had with Veronika/Amelia. Both friendships started out with the girl disliking him, but in the end they turned out great friends. But by the time they offically became good friends, not too long later Veronika/Amelia is kidnapped a long with Katherine and the other 26 vampires in Mystic Falls, supposedly getting entombed in a tomb. This may explain why Damon feels Ana is his second chance at making a friend since she looks exaclty like Veronika/Amelia. In Season 4, they barely interacted but it has been hinted in certain chapters, epecially chapter 50, on how Damon feels and thinks about Ana. It seems he views her as a sister and thinks highly of her being strong and tough and informs Stefan that she'll turn her humanity back on herself, knowing the real Ana will break through eventually, unlike Elena who they had to help turn it on. When getting her humanity back on at prom, Ana was an emotional wreck and was the most vunerable at that time. Damon was the first to comfort her at her time of adjusting her emotions. It showed how their relationship had developed since Season 2 for the better and how much they deeply cared for each other. In She's Come Undone, emotionless Elena purposely spills the beans about Damon and Ana kissing in the past in front of Stefan, making the Salvatore brothers have an interesting confrontation conversation in the forest after turning Elena's humanity on and the two of them being alone. Damon states he wasn't in love with Ana and that she was simply a distraction for him from Katherine and possibly Elena, as he was her distraction from Stefan. He also informed Stefan those two kisses were mistakes and meant nothing to him or Ana. In the Graduation, Damon askes Melissa if she said her farewells to Ana before she left with Stefan to dump Silas' body at the quarry, knowing as emotional as it seemed they still needed to say their goodbyes before Melissa could permanently go back to the Other Side.


Elena Gilbert
Ana and Elena

Ana and Elena years ago...

"Yeah, I kinda missed it too. You try signing up to college knowing your cousin has supernatural 'emotional' problems!"- Ana talks about Elena to group (Caroline, Matt, Bonnie, Melody, Stefan and Elena) in chapter 57; the Graduation.

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Ana and Elena always had been best friends since they first met at Mystic Falls High. However, when Stefan Salvatore strolled into town almost immediatley gaining Elena's heart and acciedentally won Ana's as well, tension grew between the friends, even though Elena was oblivous about it. From flashbacks, it seemed that Ana was always there for Elena if Caroline or Bonnie wasn't.  She was always Elena's moral support when it came to meeting her birthmother, Isobel Flemming or wanting to know more about her. Because Elena was her best friend, she did her best to hide her growing feelings for Stefan Salvatore, allowing the two to have a happy healthy romantic relationship as long as she could give them. In Season 2, chapter 3 Ana nearly snapped and was about to strike Elena down with a small pebble when she caught her kissing Stefan, but Damon's interferrance with the kiss, made her remember Elena was  still her friend and that she shouldn't hurt her no matter how jealous she may become towards her. Later in the same chapter, at Duke Universaity, Vanessa shot an arrow in Elena's direction, thinking she was probably Katherine Pierce. On instinct, Ana flinged herself over Elena, ready to take the shot for her, but Damon stopped the arrow from hitting both girls, by using his body to shield them both. In Katerina, Ana insisted on distracting Stefan so Elena could learn more about Klaus from Katherine. Ana stated in this chapter as much as she wanted to tell Stefan the truth of where Elena was, Elena was her best friend and she promised she wasn't going to give her up on her whereabouts. In chapter 20, when Ana found out Damon force fed Elena his blood, she stated that she wanted her and Elena to grow up together, grow old and die together as long term best friends should always do and says her becoming a vampire will leave Ana to be alone and the only human out of the group other than Matt Donovan, who was hardly a friend in her book. In Season 3, Stefan as well as Ana, kept Elena being alive a secret from Klaus throughout the summer. It also seems that since Ana was friends with Elena, she was included in most of Elena's dramas like everyone else close to her. At one point, Ana got annoyed at her for getting Damon to compel Jeremy to leave town, stating it wasn't right and agreed with Bonnie it was taking his choice away. Ana didn't normal keep secrets from her, but the only dark secret she kept from her was when she and Stefan hooked up at the Mikealson ball. In Season 4, Ana allowed Elena to feed off her while they were trapped in cages and Elena was running out of time. Ana was also there to help Elena cover up her blood bath incedent at Pastor Young's funeral and insisted on Elena calling Damon for backup clothes. After finding out Stefan and Ana were together in chapter 45, from help of Damon dropping it on everyone, Elena seemed destant from Ana emotionally, causing Ana to believe she wasn't happy with her relationship with Stefan. In chapter 47, however they talked it out and made up, confirming that Elena wasn't mad, she was just upset she never realized how much Ana loved Stefan until now, which shows how oblivous she is considering all the obvious hints throughout the series. In chapter 46, it was offically stated that Elena and Ana were cousins, due to Veronika/Amelia (Ana's ancestor) and Katherine Pierce (Elena's ancestor) being sisters. Also in chapter 50, it's stated that Elena's biological birthmother, Isobel Flemming was Ana's father sister, confirming once again of Elena being Ana's cousin and Jeremy too, since he's Elena's cousin as well, biologically. While Ana was a vampire, she turned it off due to losing all her family members (Her parents were dead, her uncles and aunts were dead, her sister was dead, her cousin Jeremy was dead, her cousin Tyler was gone and wasn't allowed to be in Mystic Falls for fear Klaus would kill him, and Elena's humanity was gone leaving her an empty shell and practically 'dead'). Ana turned it on at prom due to her jealousy towards Elena and her insecurity of her relationship with Stefan, because of Elena after seeing the two share a romantic slow dance. In She's Come Undone, Elena purposely brings up how Damon and Ana had kissed in the past to Stefan and also talks lowly of Ana, describing her as a weak, pathetic, useless, girl who no one could ever love and was just Stefan's rebound, nothing more nothing less. Throughout the chapter, Ana tried her hardest to keep calm and suggest Elena would never say that to her with her humanity on nor think it. At the near end of the chapter, Ana cracks and volunteerly snapped Matt's neck herself causing Elena to flip her switch. After Elena was able to feel again, she informed Ana she was sorry for what she said and did to her hoping for her forgiveness. Ana forgives her, but states she'll need time to forgive her completely stating what she said made her insecurity increase a lot that she had a hard time considering Elena as her 'best friend'. In the Walking Dead, Ana was once again linked to Katherine. When Elena was trying to kill Katherine, Ana pleaded for her to not kill her, but Elena simply ignored her going through with her plan. She would have killed both Bonnie, her half sister Melody, and Ana if Stefan hadn't shown up quickly to stop her. Because of this their relationship became offically strained, which would explain why they had little interractions in the Graduation.

==Other Relationships==

  • Elena, Stefan, and Ana (Former love triangle)
  • Jeremy and Ana (Ex- boyfriend/Cousins)
  • Damon and Ana (Ex- fling/Friends)
  • Caroline and Ana (Friends)
  • Ana and Elena  (Ex- best friends/Cousins/Frenmies)
  • Bonnie and Ana (Best Friends)
  • Klaus and Ana (Enemies)
  • Tyler and Ana (Cousins/Good friends)
  • Katherine and Ana (Allies/Good friends)
  • Veronika/Amelia and Ana (Good terms)
  • Rebekah and Ana (Good terms)
  • Stefan and Ana (Boyfriend/In love with)

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Supernatural Humans:

Mantra/Physic Gene - The ablity to see briefly into the future. It may comes in formed of dreams, daydreams, and nightmares. It's usually difficult to tell a vision from just a dream, but over time it gets easier telling them apart.

Vampire Gene -  The ablity to heal on your own. Having the vampire gene has never happened before and it doesn't neccessarily make you a vampire, just born with its healing blood power. It also keeps the skin looking fresh, healthy and young. From the vampire gene you also can manipulate peoples dreams.

Werewolf Gene - From this gene, it seems you become twice as stronger than the average human. Your bones can break easily, but can be put back in place with no problem. This gene also gives you sensitive hearing and can hear clear from afar, but it depends on where you are and how quiet or loud the scenary around you is.

Witch Gene - This gene gives you similar powers every witch has. This paculiar gene also helps you make a locater spell in your head, no blood is needed, just the image of the person needed to be found. It's faster than any other regular locater spell a witch can make.


* Super Strength -  Vampires are much stronger than human and grow stronger with time. Even new vampires who are still in transition can toss a fully grown human across the room with great speed and force. Their strength is also more powerful than werewolves that are not in wolf form.

  • Super Agility- Vampires are shown that they can jump very high.
  • Super Speed- Vampires can accelerate their movement to cover short distances in an instant, faster than the human eye can see. When running across long distance, they appear as vibrating blurs in motions.
  • Emotional Control- The supernatural ablity to control and manipulate the emotions of one's self and can turn on and off emotions and humanity.
  • Mind Compulsion- Vampires have the ablity to control minds, plague people's dreams and alter/erase human memories.
    Mind Compulsion

    Ana using mind compulsion

  • Heightened Senses- They can hear whispered conversations, even ones in far off buildings, smell blood and see in total darkness.
  • Immortality- A vampire can stop aging once turned. Upon their transformation, vampires then on become immune to all conventional illness, disease, virus and infection. The only known disease and infection that can kill a vampire is a werewolf bite.


Supernatural Humans:

Mantra/Physic Gene:

  • Visions: Having visions and predictions of the future can be a blessing, but also very stressful. Visions tend to come in dreams, daydreams and nightmares. Some visions may be very alarming and predict deaths of many. After a while, it may make you alert, stressful, pestimistic, and depressed.
  • Broken Neck: Mantras are just like humans, only with supernatural territories. They can easily die in many ways humans can. Like Broken necks, drowning, heart attack, stabbing, burning, decapitated, heart extraction, and deadly diseases.

Vampire Gene:

  • Activation: When the gene is activated, you may lose control of your awarness and blackout.
  • Werewolf bite: The vampire gene can also get effected by a werewolf bite.

Werewolf Gene:

  • Anger: The werewolf gene tends to effect your emotions, but mainly your anger level, and makes it heightened. The anger could cause breakouts, meltdowns, and a lot of stress. It may also make you very agressive and violent towards others if not in control. It also triggers the urge to kill.

Witch Gene:

  • Fear: A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the condition or feeling  of being afraid could cause a witch to temporarily lose their powers or not being able to activate it.
  • Overuse of Magic: The excessive use of magic could lead a witch to nose bleeds, blackouts and most likey, death from over-exertion.
    Nose bleed

    Ana after performing a spell

  • Linking: It has been shown that two or more people can be linked to each other whether blood related or not. Once linked, whatever befalls one happens to the other. If one dies or is badly injured, for example, the same fate will happen to the other, thus making the linking spell a risk for supernatural and non supernatural life.


  • Decapitation: The act of dismembering or removing the head of a vampire will result in permanent death.
  • Fire or Sunlight: The act of exposing a vampire to fire or sunlight will result in permanent death.
  • Wood: The act of wounding a vampire with wood will cause the vampire to become severly weak and if a vampire takes a wooden stake through its heart it will result in permanent death.
  • Heart Extraction: The act of extracting or removing the heart of a vampire will result permanent death.
  • Invitation: Vampires cannot enter a home without an invation by the owner.
  • Vervain: Exposure to or ingestion of varvain causes a vampire to become severly feverish and weak, unless they are somehow immuned to it. Also, if a vampire's skin is exposed to vervain, it can result in burning them. Also vampires can't compel anyone on vervain.
  • Magic: Vampires are suseptible to the powers of witchcraft including the creation of harmful magical objects.
  • Vampire Bloodline: If an Original vampire dies, all vampires decended from their bloodline will slowly perish.
  • Werewolf bite: The bite of a werewolf is extremely lethal to vampires. It will cause them to hallucinate, grow severly weak and go rabid until it kills them. Only Klaus' hybrid blood can cure the bite.
  • Broken neck: Breaking a vampires neck is a common way to subdue one, it will not kill them but it will keep them unconscious for several hours and when they are still unconscious they won't have a pulse and will appear dead.


  • The story was originally based from Ana's point of view, however it was later changed into other characters point of view after chapter 5.
  • Ana was the first ever character, whose family tree ancestor during the 20's had a baby with a werewolf to continue the family lineage, despite the fact her ancestor was a vampire and vampires are unable to have children.
  • Ana is known to be a supernatural human, who has the vampire gene, werewolf gene, physic gene and witch gene. This possibly making her a hybrid witch, who could see into the future.
  • Ironically Ana, Caroline, Stefan and Melody all turned when they were only 17 and they all interacted with each other, except that Melody saw Caroline for the first time, but never actually interacted with or 'talked' to her.
  • It had been stated in flashbacks that Caroline, Bonnie and Elena were all a year older than Ana, making them Graduate Mystic Falls High at 19, and only her at 18.
  • Ana was the first one to find out Klaus was pretending to be Alaric, when she saw how strange he was acting around her.
  • Ana, just like Elena, has a doppelganger. Since Elena and Ana are related, it makes them both part of the Petrova Bloodline. Unlike Katherine and Elena, Ana doesn't hate her doppelganger, nor do they try to torment each other's life as doppelgangers should. They are actually the only doppelgangers throughout the series that act civilized towards each other and hasn't harm each other in anyway.
  • Just like Elena's doppelgangers, all Ana's doppelganger's first name ends in an 'A'.

Veronika Petrova and Amelia Manson.

  • Ana is shown to have a close relationship with all members of the Original family. Elijah Mikealson, Rebekah Mikealson, and even a brief moment with Kol Mikealson could have foreshadowed an allie/friendship growing between them in the future, if he hadn't died. The only ones she barley knew were Finn, Esther and Mikeal. Klaus was the only Original out of every Original vampire, she wanted dead. Ana seems to like Elijah the best and cared for Rebekah. The only time Ana actually found Klaus likeable was when he saved hers, Stefan's, Elena's and Caroline's life in the Graduation from a group of 11 revengeful witches.
  • Ana's family tree stretches far. It's so far that her ancestors had a close bond with the Bennett witches and the Original Family.

Ayana (Bonnie's ancestor) raises Alfifa (Ana's ancestor) herself. Kol being secretly engaged to Alfifa, but compelled her to have the life of her dreams with someone else, since he couldn't being a vampire and all.

Veronika Petrova having a past with Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus Mikealson. She was in a romantic relationship with both brothers in different periods. Klaus, during the early 20's, Elijah during the late 80's. She always had a good friendship with Rebekah, despite how she loathes her sister, Katherine Pierce. She also close with Emily Bennett in 1864. Emily stated the only vampires she trusted was Stefan Salvatore and Valerie Millier, A.K.A, Veronika Petrova.

Ana instantly felt a connection with Bonnie the first day they met. When Bonnie once levitated feathers from Elena's pillow, Ana could feel the energinic power rub off between them. Ana also easily befriended Elijah and Rebekah, feeling a sense she could trust them. Elijah more so than Rebekah in the trusting department.

  • Ana always wanted a brother, which is why she sees and treats Tyler like a brother.
  • Just like Tyler and Caroline in the Birthday episode, Stefan and Ana slept together before they were an official couple and went on their first official date, which they officially got together in chapter 44 and went on an official date in chapter 45 at the cancelled 80's dance with Rebekah, making it seem like a trio group date. Stefan was actually Ana's first time.
  • It is assumed since both Elena and Ana are part of the Petrova legacy, they also inherited the 'Petrova allure'. This could explain why almost all the male characters had chemistry with Ana. (Expect for Matt Donovan and Tyler Lockwood, for various reasons.)

Damon and Ana had a sexual chemistry rubbing off between them.

Jeremy deep down seemed to feel for Ana even though they broke off. Which is understandable since they were each others first love, just like Matt and Elena were.

Stefan and Ana had chemistry that later turned sexual after Season 2.

Elijah and Ana had a sparking chemistry.

Even though it was a brief scene, Kol and Ana had great chemistry during their first and last interactions.

Even though they never showed interest in each other, Klaus and Ana's scenes always had a hot and heavy chemstry blowing through the roof when reading their scenes.

  • Ana has watched Twilight 5 times only to realizes on her 5th time watching it how similar Bella Swan was to Elena Gilbert, Edward Cullen was to Stefan Salvatore and Jacob Black was to Damon Salvatore and Tyler Lockwood combined.
  • Ana has an IPhone 4.
  • Ana loves the 80's decade.
  • She hates roadtrips, but didn't mind going on one with Damon and Elena to Denver.
  • Ana is shown to have texted Stefan, Elena, Damon, Caroline, Tyler, Bonnie, Jeremy and even Melody on her phone. She also keeps Stefan, Elena, Tyler and Melissa on speed dial.
  • Ana was shown going through a Facebook page in Killed or Be Killed, hinting she might have a Facebook account.
  • As a vampire, Ana didn't do animal to begin with nor will she ever convert to it. She likes drinking from the vein and blood bag mostly.
  • Ironically, Ana and Stefan were both turned into vampires by Katherine with her blood in her system. They both were also sired to her at one point.
  • Ana is the first shown vampire to have her humanity switch off, yet on at the same time.
  • As a vampire, like Veronika Petrova, Ana was able to keep her powers. This being possible hasn't been explained yet, but has been confirmed from Ana, herself.
  • Even though Ana didn't intentionally kill Melody on purpose or on her own, it was still Ana's blood that turned her making her Ana's first sire.
  • Ana's 18th birthday was also the day Caroline schedualed prom to start.
  • Ana's zodiac sign is Aries.