Name: Adelaide Rose Ah'Deraso

Nickname: Ade

Age: Immortally 14

Creature: Vampire

Parents: Rose Ah'Deraso and John Ah'Deraso

Sire: Kol


Ade is fiesty but sweet unless angered. She can change her personality in a single second, from happy to sad or from angry to sleepy. She is very graceful and polite, having grown up with a strict mother calling for manners. She hates teenagers these days as they are often drunk and stupid, dating too young. She hates how they party and hates most of all, boys. She thinks they are deceiving after her encounters with the Originals.


Ade has red hair, which is not dyed. It is from all the blood which stained her hair and the witch cursed it to never go out, causing her to lose her loved blonde hair. She has dark brown-blue eyes which have a tint of manipulative hate in them. She wears big sunglasses, has pale skin, wears black, and isn't seen on the beach much. She has an odd ring she found which lets her go in the sun.


Ade was turned by Kol, an Original vampire. He loved her, yet she did not love him back. When she died, her head started bleeding for a curse a witch had placed on her at birth to never find love in the mortal men. Her hair was stuck blood red and she ran from Kol. She drinks human blood but only of the evil.


Cruel Lil Lullaby - not made yet